Aug 11, 2012

Bass Extreme - "The ULTIMATE TEST"...

File report: BASS EXTREME

"This album features music tracks with sub bass frequencys; some that can be felt more than heard. It will take any system to the extreme: from ultra low bass thru crisp, sparkling high end.
For maximum test applications, a narrator explains which signals are being transmitted at the start of each track.
Also included are Newtown's exclusive holographic and harmonic bass processing, as well as long, extended ultra low bass notes below 20 Hz and piercing high end up to 20KHz."

Let the good man explain to you himself:

Let's explore some of the styles;




NewTown's Holographic 3D Sound



As you can hear, ENOUGH bass right there to put any system to the limit!!
You can listen to some more test tones right HERE

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