Nov 9, 2012

Baddasssoundsystem - Hot import nights

Continuously mixed and scratched by Billy-E

That's right! Another good Pandisc release with all tracks produced by Billy-E, along with the B.A.S.S.! This cd was probably made for, or dedicated to the Hot Import Nights car shows. In the liner notes it reads; 

"Special thanks goes out to all the fans of import racing and car audio world wide! You keep this music alive!"

There's some nice beats on it, like this one, Futurama 2003:

Originally there was another B.A.S.S. cd in the making called "Crunk in your trunk", but I'm not sure if it was ever released...

But whatever happened, this type of sound definitely set the tone for Billy E's next project, 2005's "Tuner beats". Still available from Bandcamp HERE.

So while we wait for "Tuner beats 3" to be released, I'll leave you with some more B.A.S.S.!

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