Nov 15, 2012

DJ Nasty Knock + DJ Ace With Crew - Men In Bass

Cooperated by Low Rider Magazine Japan

Here we have another prime example of why I started this blog! Remember my shipment form Japan? This was one of the gems that were in there (THIS was another one, and I have more coming). Crazy artwork by Kazunori Okuyama. I love this kind of sh*t! I didn't really know what to expect with this one but I could have imagined; a Street Street Music compilation with hits from DJ Nasty Knock, DJ Ace, South Side Pride and Fatal Attraction.
So that's a good thing!

As you can hear that megamix gives a good impression of what the whole cd sounds like (minus a few slower tracks near the end). Overall a good buy. Here's another booty shaker, this one's by Fatal Attraction:

and a Fatal Attraction mega mix:

Who else did we have? Oh yeah, DJ Ace:

and South Side Pride:

You can find some more tracks on my YouTube channel or HERE.

For those of you who read Japanese, there's also a Men In Bass comic included, so you better check it out!


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