Dec 25, 2014

Bassotronics - Piano Jams For Bass Lovers

A compilation of Bassotronics bass tracks with piano


I told you I had 2 more cd's I wanted to advertise before the year finishes. "Basshead Radio" was one of them, this is the other one. A compilation of Bassotronics piano jams. I'll be honest I'm not the biggest fan of slow jams, I prefer my beats more uptempo, but THE COVER! I LOVE IT!! I can just imagine going to a concert with Bassotronics  sitting on stage behind his basspiano performing "Bass, I love you"! Wouldn't that be awesome??

I also really like this track! Very beautiful!

Here's a preview of all 12 tracks on this release. I don't think it's for sale online, you'll have to contact Bassotronics himself if you want to buy one. You can do that HERE via his facebook.

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