Dec 13, 2014

Official U.S.A.C. Bass


"Here are 14 tried and true prime cuts of bass compiled by the Dominator and brought to you by the kind cooperation of U.S.A.C. and the leading record labels of the bass world." 

Yes this is another U.S.A.C. bass cd released by Pandisc. Matter of fact I should have said this in my previous post because this is actually the first Pandisc "U.S.A.C. Bass" cd, released before "SPL Shootout". "The leading record labels of the bass world" seem to be Pandisc, Hip Rock and Neurodisc:

 I'm sure all these tracks can be found on YouTube, otherwise...

Unlike the shootout cd, this one has no test section and the design is done by Christina Dilucia.

"Thanx to Ralph Randall (USAC), Bo at Pandisc, Derrick at Hip Rock, Tom, John, Jamie and Debbie at Neurodisc, and all the artists who helped make this possible. Also many thanks to the 12 volt industry and bass fans everywhere for keeping the boom alive."

Oh don't worry about it, it has been a pleasure...

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