Feb 15, 2020

La Compilation Mega Bass


Now this is not Techmaster or Bass Mekanik material, but I was attracted by the cover ofcourse and what I also like is that it is a French CD. Great to see that they even released bass CD's in France! As the cover states, expect house, techno and hardstyle (there is only one "dub" track).

The first track starts with a bass test and a house track with a typic French sound:

Not that bad, not that bad...  but what I REALLY DON'T like is hardstyle!! Like track 3:

No no no! Not my cup of tea!

Track 9 is the best on this release IMO. Bassy breakbeats...

And here is the dub track for your listening pleasure:

That's that for now friends. If you want to hear the whole album check out the full playlist


and stay logged in because there is more where that came from!

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