Apr 8, 2014

Bass Mekanik - Bass Ballin'

The crunk collection

I wanted to say "this is like a greatest hits collection" but that would not really be true; aren't all the Bass Mekanik's hits great?? I do know one thing: if you're a real Bass Mekanik fan like me, you're gonna want this cd if not only because it's a great addition to your collection. And if you're not the biggest Bass Mekanik fan, but you're looking for a great cd to put your woofers to the test, then you're also gonna want this cd because it IS just that: a booming cd with nothing but hot beats! They were selling like hot cakes from the Bass Mekanik's booth at this year's SBN...


You could also buy the digital version (from iTunes,Beatport,or Junodownload for instance) but the problem is there are only 11 tracks there, while the cd has 17 + a full test section!

Digital tracklist:


CD tracklist:

So that means the digital download doesn't have Pressure and Bass trap (from "Bass trap"),  Beatz a rokn, Six blok bass and Elektro Mekanik (from "808"), Tranquility bass and Rok the planet (from "Kontrol") and Low Problems (from "King of bass").

BUT the cd doesn't have Low roller (from "Kontrol") and Bass ballin lo & slo remix (from "Lowd slowd").

My advice? If you can find the cd, just get that one. You get the cool artwork AND you can still rip it yourself if you need digital files...

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