Apr 11, 2014

Boom Tube - Television's Greatest Hits

Television tubes & woofers at risk!

The title gives it all away ofcourse; these are all tracks bas(s)ed on movies and television series. All these tracks were created, arranged, produced & televised by "The Staff at Debonaire Productions, Inc"!

I can hear you thinking: "The Staff at Debonaire Productions, Inc? So this must be an IBP release?".
No it's not. The sound and the artwork would make you think so but this is actually a Streetbeat Records release, with illustrations from Deryck Ragoonanan and art direction by ImagExpress, Miami, FL ... (these are the same people responsible for most of the DM Records artwork)

I really love this intro! (but not really a fan of the Gadget theme...)

Some serious sampling going on in this one:

Yeah man, Debonaire  really knows how to drop the bass!!!

And don't forget; if you like this kind of music, you can go to Debonaire's website @ http://www.debonairerecords.com/ and buy the latest releases or the old ones re-mastered and boosted. Like the Innovative Bass Collection! DO IT!

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