Apr 12, 2014

Bass Patrol! Vol. 4

More Pandisc and Joey Boy

What else to expect from Bass Patrol!? Check out the tracklist:

So I didn't go and upload every track on Youtube, we don't want to flood their servers with duplicates do we?? I only added the ones that weren't there yet. Like these two; I think they are Japanese release:

And the Bass Mekanik test section. Maybe you want to test your computer speakers...

About the artwork. More proof why digital sales keep going down: THERE'S NO ARTWORK. I can't tell you enough. That was part of the selling power. Here we receive a 5 page poster booklet.

(Recognize the booty on the right from Bass Check Vol. 1 ?)

The other side is 4 pages because page 5 is the cover. Recognize the Street Beat Krew cover?)

Enjoy LISTENING TO Bass Patrol! Vol. 4!!

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