Apr 18, 2014

Sony Mobile - Disturb The Peace

Xplod system test disc

As you can see from the title this is a cd released by Sony Electronics, Inc to promote their Xplod products. I can't say there's anything new under the sun to be found here, but that doesn't make it a bad cd either. Released in  2000 it features 11 Pandisc tracks and a Xplod test section.  Check the tracklist:


The only track exclusive for this release is the intro:

This is my favorite of the disc, a Bass Mekanik cover of  A.D.E.'s "Bass Mechanic"!

Another great track:

The package design for this release was done by Gerard Delaney @ XLR8. The "Mr X" character/artwork was created by Ralph Steedman. 
This must have been a rather popular line of audio gear ... there is even a Xplod fan site still around. Check it out ===> http://www.xplodfan.com

"If peace and quiet OFFEND YOU, you've come to the right place. Sony Mobile XPLOD in-dash RECEIVERS, AMPLIFIERS and SPEAKERS  will RATTLE your EARDRUMS and DAZZLE your EYEBALLS!"


  1. any idea where I can purchase this cd?

    1. I'm sorry, really don't know. I guess your best chance would be from eBay...