Feb 21, 2013

Bass Launch - Sounds Of The Universe

Been waiting for this one!

I personally really like this kind of sound. "The new era of bass" was in heavy rotation for many moons in my car, so I'm excited to hear more of Bass Launch! Here's what the official promo says on Bass Launch's bandcamp page:

Bass Launch returns with their best album yet, the songs are a step forward in production and arrangement and the sound mix is also improved, with a clean well balanced soundscape that draws the listener into their Bass styled vision of the Universe. The album is loaded with low and slow versions of each song.

Did you see that? 14 New tracks + the same 14 tracks lowed and slowed down to please your woofers even more... GET IT!!


Feb 16, 2013

Bass Creations - Volume 4

Space bass

Not really, there's a lot of bass on this cd; ragga bass, red hot bass, strollin bass, loud n clear bass, acid bass, jazzy bass, stoned & funky bass, smokin hot bass, phat bass and even elevator bass. But no space bass, although the cover makes you think there would be...

Here's some of the bass that IS on it:

You're thing? Then LISTEN TO IT MAN. Or take a look at some of the other BASS CREATIONS.

Feb 9, 2013

Bass In Your Face Vol. 9

All time favorites

Can't say I'm a big fan of this kind of artwork, but at least the music is not bad at all. This is Vol. 9 in the "Bass in your face" series, and as the title says; "all time favorites". So that's what you get. Tootsee roll, Da dip, Give it all you got, Down low, Heiny heiny, My boo,... you get the picture.

But I never heard this one before though (I know the song, but never heard this version):

I also never heard of Bassman X...

And this is just a banger!!

When you're in one of those "I feel like listening to some classics" moods, go HERE.

Or just stay here if you don't feel like leaving already:



I also took the liberty to translate the liner notes in the booklet. I didn't do it myself ofcourse, I asked my buddy Google to help. Enjoy, it's a good read:



"Finally VOL 9 is completed. It's quite a self-confident work. It's been two years since he became a bass guitar player because of Hyun, but the production of this combination has become a refreshing agent in his work. It's rare for a creator to write his intentions on a liner, but as one of the people who usually understands techno, drum'n'bass, and hip-hop-covered good bass, he's sometimes good at opinions other than music critics. Probably. Miami bass is electro dance He first wanted to convey that the DJ MIX method was used to establish the bass as electro breakbeats. It's not that he's made a special technique, but he's not a common NON-STOP-MIX somewhere. Miami bass is often rated as "stupid hip-hop" in Japan because of its patterned network (that car and swimsuit woman) and simple lyrics, but the two most important elements of hisop-hosop are lyric and beat sampling. It is clearly different from the NY style hip-hop that was established around 1991 with the two points of reconstruction (flake beats) by. Neither message-oriented lyrics nor fat breakbeats are used in Miami bass. BPM is also about 40 different from the current hip hop. The main bass music is about 13 OBPM, which is all-weather dance music that is a little faster than house music. Most of the trasok is also made with drum machines (not samplers), and in that sense it is close to the tech / a little while ago u Recently, big pete techno and flake beats techno are becoming mainstream mainly in the UK. In a sense, club scenes around the world are starting a "strange" sink. Especially, the tendency is strong in Miami (SUPERQUAD, AFRORICAN, GET SOME CREWS BASSMAN X) and BPM is also very fast. Without rap, he's probably a break peats techno, though he's a sampler to make up the beat) or an elect mouth. By the way, the people in Miami call techno a raf, and'songs ('MY BOO' on the 18th song -SUPER QUAD, SHOW ME THE MONEY on the 6th song are used for the ending of the movie starring Tom Cruise. The base thing like BPMQO of) is called Trip Hosop, but this is funny. Maybe, without experiencing the craft scene of UK Yorosoba at all, I do the techno techno naturally. It may be a genius who has been closed. Orlando bass has drum'n'bass roots His Miami bass was founded by 2 LIVE CREW, LUKE, but it wasn't until he put explicit sexual expression in his main punk. Determined the Miami bass. From this point on, the u-jacket and lyrics of the example will be scattered. On the other hand, Orlando's originator "DJ Majisoku Mig, is different." His main skill is in Skrasochi'and he already established the rough work of sampling big material and adding more bass eight years ago. This idea is similar to the current drum & bass There is. In the process of incorporating flake beats into techno abroaches, UK jungle originators originally created the 808 Super Lo-Bass for that fast BPM and rhythm keep. As a result, it is approaching the format of bass music. In common, he has a piece or cluff sound system in terms of music for dancing, and only one piece or his tuned-up car audio system can play it perfectly. It's the ultimate drum and bass that limits the enjoyment situation. C By the way, the bass guys are invincible guys who make drum'n'bass a jungle beat. Disco Follower In addition to these two major base areas, So, SO, DEF, Atlanta (FREAK NASTY, DJ SMURF, MC SHY-D) and RIP IT Corps (69BOYS. 95SOUTH, FLIPFLOP) are disco in a good way.・ It is a follower of Seoul. It handles the good old 70's soul essence well. Yu He has many hit songs at the billboard level. FREAK NASTY's DOWN LOW and DA'DIP (which is still the highest 14th in the chart-in) 69 BOYS's TOOTlE ROLL, 95SOUTH's HEINY HEINY, etc. No wonder it's a secret. While breakbeats and high-speed BPM with an elect mouth have become mainstream in club scenes around the world, there is also a movement to use disco stuff as a material without incorporating it into the R & B template as hip-hop, and in a sense, bass music. Will be re-evaluated soon. After all, the Japanese hip-hop scene is suffering from his sales of 2 live crews. The reinstatement of electro disco may be surprisingly close. A dark horse that surpasses his Eurobeat techno in Japan may come out of this scene. With this, did you understand the perspective of my base thing? This compilation was edited as an all-time favorite with no discarded songs, so please use it as a good introductory board or as a regular CD for your car. Taking this opportunity, "ALL TIME FAVORITES', a masterpiece of the base as a series has been made into a Japanese version to JII (I'm planning to do that as well. The first is a masterpiece of DJ SM U HF from the Atlanta group,', Bass style , L will be dropped. So, I'm working hard to strengthen the drumn base color in VOL 10, so please do that too. Finally, YUKI and GOSH I of YWA, PEACE', AMANO"

Feb 6, 2013

Miami Bass Tracks

10 Miami bass tracks

10 GREAT Miami bass tracks! Trust me, you get everything you need on this release; a cool cover (yeah, I know, designed by yours truly ^^), booming bass, old school samples, dope scratches, vocals, the works! Here are two tracks from YouTube:

3. We like it loud

10. One time

You can get the cover here for free, but the tracks you'll have to buy. SUPPORT THE CAUSE!

Miami bass tracks on iTunes

Feb 2, 2013

Bassman - Mega-Bass

Hey! You, bullshit!

Me?? Can you imagine? So when you buy this cd and you remove it from the tray to slide it in your player, that is the message you receive ^^!! Take a look:

They should be talking to themselves! "... the best bass cd that you can listen to so far." YEAH RIGHT! It's bullshit. The artwork: no problem. As we are used to with Japanese releases, they always put in work when it comes to that. The design is done by Kazuhiro Osakabe and the photographer is Motoi Abe. They even threw in a few extra stickers:

But the music? That's where the problem starts. Absolutely nothing good on this cd! OK, maybe the 2:38 minutes from the "Tour the France" cover, but that's it (and that even came from another cd!). Don't believe me? Listen to the "Nonstop edit" and be convinced...
  1. Tour de France (from cd "Techno-Bass")
  2. Rydeen (from cd "Techno-Bass")
  3. Glad to know you
  4. What a feeling
  5. I want you
  6. Let's go round again
  7. Get off
  8. Venus
  9. I was made for dancing
  10. Get ready

Ofcourse tastes differ, so if you want to hear more you're invited to go HERE.