Feb 24, 2018

dB Jams Volume 17

New Bass Mekanik tracks!


Well, for me that is, because this CD was released in 2015. I recently bought it for the collection thinking it was another Bass Mekanik compilation, but it turned out to be more than that! OK, it IS a Bass Mekanik compilation, but the great news is that there are new tracks on it (for 2015). Check 'em out!

 Automatic bass

Bass bells

Relax with bass

 Also the slowed version of "Bass all day"

"Showdown" from the "Power" album is titled "Below the belt" here

Good shit! Go HERE if you want a copy.


Feb 19, 2018

Bassotronics - Enchanting Bass Vol. 2

'Enjoy the deep low end and style that only Bassotronics can provide'

That's right he did it again! Another volume of bass mixed with Gregorian chants. Normally that is not really my cup of tea, so I can't say that volume one is one of my favorite Bassotronics albums.  But this new release should not be underestimated! Sounds like great music for late night cruising!

Get your preview on Spotify, and buy it on CDBaby. Other digital sites are also good ofcourse, whatever tickles your fancy.

 Support the artist friends.



So i just received my copy straight from the source and I have to tell you it came out even better than expected. The "chanting" is not so overwhelming as in "let's drop a beat and put some Gregorian chants over it". No, it is brought  much more subtle ofcourse. The producing skills of Bassotronics are evolving and getting even better (not better, EVEN better) all the time! Try to get your copy fast while supply lasts, you will not regret it!

Feb 9, 2018

Bass Thugz - '64 Low Bass Style

West Coast Style


This is actually a rather good album on Three Degrees Records. A nice G-Funk / Miami Bass blend. Listen to "Bouncin' on my Daytons":


Or  "64 Low bass style", it's that real gangsta bass...


Funny, but it was only when I was reading the artwork credits (cover art from Jes Rothbeind and design by Pat Dillon) that I noticed that I own the censored cover version! Inside it reads "cover models: Lucy Gamboa, Veronica Grey and Linda Reedy". But I didn't see any models on the cover!

There are 2 on the CD itself:

But nothing on the outside.

The one on Amazon though:

Must have something to do with the fact that I have a German release:

Anyhow, good album none the less. Listen to the rest on my YouTube channel, and I will leave you guys with the track that starts off like a DJ Billy E jam would...


Feb 8, 2018

BitPusher - Digital Bass 2017


I just found out about this BitPusher release this evening (yeah I'm a year late to the party), but I had to share it with "y'all" because it's a cool tribute to a bass classic. As a loyal follower of this blog I am sure you guessed which classic I am talking about already... 

Yes, Bass 305's Digital Bass!

Let's see what BitPusher himself had to say about it:

"The name of the album, and the design of the cover and retail CD's artworks are a minor tribute to one of my biggest influences growing up: Bass 305"

Way to go BitPusher. Let's check out the music now and support in any way you can...

"My 5th release!
I consider this my crowning achievement, and not just because it is my most current, but because of everything that went into it!

This album is a digital assault on your system. This is bass music, it is for fellow car audio junkies and bassheads. It has been carefully recorded, mixed, and mastered for maximum boom and fantastic clarity, and with frequencies occasionally dropping well below 30hz, it is can supply woofer junkies with what they need. Featuring a mix of assorted electronic music styles including hiphop, techno, electro, a woofer endurance test track, and a couple of the quintessential slow and low DB drag style jams, it is a well rounded LP. Being a BitPusher album, there may be a small touch of chiptune onboard as well. A majority of the bass in this album was generated using digital FM synthesis as opposed to the more common techniques musicians tend to use such as pitch bending or time stretching kick drum samples. If you want a handy track for showing off how deep and loud your 12"s or 15"s are, there has to be something on this album to suit you!"  

Feb 7, 2018

Ultimate Bass Challenge

The bootleg!

Yes, I posted Ultimate Bass Challenge V1 before. But as I mentioned earlier, this is a Russian bootleg on Diamond Records, not Neurodisc. Maybe to make things easier we will call this release "Ultimate Bass Challange" (sic).

The tracklist is exactly the same, so no need to post the music again, but I do want to share the artwork with you all, which is seriously lacking in quality compared to the original. But hey! Isn't that how a bootleg is supposed to be??



Feb 4, 2018

El Presidente - partyaqui.com

"Over 40 minutes of Latin Party Music"

All thanks to the kind people over at Bass Heavy Entertainment! Not the best, not the worst Latin swing I've heard... The raps are done by Whitebread, and even Debonaire joined in remixing 2 tracks with Ballistic Billy. Check 'em out.

Party aqui!!

CD Artwork by Randy R.

CD Layout and alterations by: www.leonardodesigns.com

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