Dec 31, 2018

MC Shy D - Comin' Correct In '88

Last post of the year!

Because it's 31st of December already! Damn, ...time flies when you're having a bass covers blog!

I post this classic not because it's so rare, but because I finally managed to buy a copy on cd for a reasonable price; under $ 20 that is.

I bought the vinyl upon it's release in '88, but it took me some years to get the cd LOL! Here's how you can see it's an original from the 80's:

Yep, if you see that message inside your booklet, you know it's an original!

"Comin correct in '88" was also released in Brazil, "Shake it" was a HUGE hit overthere!


Dec 25, 2018

Trip Hop Experience - Chapter One

Unofficial release

That's why the cover looks so horrible. The color that is, because the cover was designed by Deryck Ragoonanan for ImagExpress Corporation. But the black and white image that I posted was taken from the Lithuanian cassette released by Zarazza. Mira:

The original DM Records release looks better:

This release came as a nice surprise! Some of the tracks are so hard they sound like Florida breaks, almost early rave-like. Listen to Digicom International!

Or "Acid people" by Europhase


"Relax" makes you do just that... relax... this sounds like a predecessor to vaporwave, pretty cool...

Yep, good release. I only wonder why they had to glue a "compact disc digital audio" sticker on the CD? Did they forget to print it??



Dec 16, 2018

Bass Christmas 2

Jingle bell bass

Every year around this time I have to supply you with some music for your family gatherings. This year I bring you "Bass Christmas 2"! A collection of 12 original remakes by none other than Bass Hit and Bass Connection! Featuring some of the classics like:

"Jingle bells"


"White Christmas"


And "Santa Claus is coming to town"


But there is much more. Listen to the full playlist HERE

Or bump it in your sleigh after going HERE!!


Don't forget to check out the other bass Christmas releases like "Bass Christmas", "Bass Christmas best", "A merry bass Christmas" and "Bass spin 4" if you want more Christmas boom!

Dec 15, 2018

Strong Mechanic Bass

BKA Quad Maximus

Because this cd is another Brazilian bootleg and it has the exact tracklist as Bass Mekanik's "Quad Maximus" release.

So yeah, nothing new here. This is good if you can get it cheaper than the original, or if you're on a completist mission like me, but then you pay more than the original. LOL!


Dec 9, 2018

Super Bass Mekanik

Clarion Kenwood Alpine Rockfordfosgate

Let me quickly drop some bootlegs on yo' ass before the year ends... 

This is a Brazilian bootleg and as you can see by the cover this one features mainly Bass Mekanik tracks. I thought it would be the full "Max Killa Hertz" album but it's not. All Pandisc though, except 2. One of them is DJ Fury's "Magic Dike"...

but the other one I don't know. Maybe you can help me identify! Drop a comment if you recognise the song. LISTEN:

12-AudioTrack 12.mp3