Aug 27, 2013

Bass Patrol - Greatest Hits

The complete series

Let's make a deal here. You buy the mp3's (HERE for instance) and I supply the artwork! GO!!

Aug 23, 2013

The Bassheadz - Attack Of Da Bassheadz From Da Bottom

The return of Captain Bass...


Yet another bass cd with great cover artwork! And not only do you get great cover artwork, but inside you also find a 26 page comic book. The Bassheadz have escaped from prison and are unleashing their destructive bass on the city... who will be able to stop them? All artwork is done by Robert Reed. The story concept by David E. Williams & Robert Reed. Find out what happened yourself while listening to the intro and the title track "attack of da bass headz":

I personally like this cd more than the Captain Bass cd. While that one was kinda boring this one has a few more uptempo tracks like this one that I really love (probably partly due to that great "bass" sample which reminds me of DJ Fury's "Let the quad loose"):


Some more good ones... track 6, "69 Degrees"

7. "Drop that quad"

Somewhere halfway they must have realised that Heatwave Records is a West Coast label so they switched up styles a little...

Still a good album. I'll leave you with this to prove it: SPEED DROP!

Aug 19, 2013

Bass Syndicate - Cyberbass-Virtual Reality

Produced & engineered by Bass 305

Not a world news I guess... isn't every bass album from DM Records produced & engineered by Bass 305??? Also as usual the illustration is done by Deryck Ragoonanan and the design by ImagExpress Corporation. This is the label's 3rd bass release but for sure not my favorite. Not saying it's BAD, but there's no track that really stands out. Take a listen for yourself:

If you don't feel like sitting in front of your computer screen for the next hour you can also GO HERE and listen to it tomorrow on your Walkman.

OH? They don't use Walkmans anymore? Exucse the age! Listen to it tomorrow on your iPhone then! Better?

Aug 15, 2013

Bass In Da Hood

Various artists

Now here we have a really good bass compilations from Vision Records! Matter of fact I think it is the best compilation from Vision Records. I already featured "Booty Bass In Ya Face!"before, but except for the fun cover that one has, the choice of tracks is not so outstanding. "Bass In Da Hood" on the other hand can be played from front to back without getting boring. You don't believe me? Hit start on the playlist then!!

What is also cool about this release is that there are some remixes on it done exclusively for "Bass In Da Hood" by Quad Star and Frank Cesarano. Look for "Get low, get low", "Daddy Long Stroke", Do it do it", "Pump up the funk" and "Take it off ho". You can find them HERE.

I also still have some prints from the original Vision Records website, advertising these 2 compilations. Printed in 1996...

Aug 13, 2013

Bass Patrol - Angels Volume 2

Another dose of female R&Bass...

Not much more I can say about it. I used to like the Bass Patrol Angels in the beginning but after a few listens the novelty kinda wore off... If you haven't yet, better take a listen yourself. All tracks produced by Uncle Win and Full Deck.

And? Do you LIKE??

Aug 11, 2013

Cover Wars Part 6 - Bass Patrol vs The Miami Bass Machine

Spot the difference...

that's the game you could be playing with these ones. Print both covers, give 'em to your children and play "spot the difference" ^^. This HAS to be the ultimate in cover wars! In all honesty I had both of these albums (don't remember which one I bought first) but didn't realize the connection in the beginning. I know, my bad, but one day I finally noticed and was like "WTF!". Nice artwork by both artists! Manny Morell for Bass Patrol and who else but Lamar Johnson for The Miami Bass Machine.
As you might already know by now, this is the original Bass Patrol, Calvin Mills II and Carlton Mills, not RX Lord & DJ Fury. But did you know MC Madness (R.I.P.) is also featured on this album? Listen:

Since the cover for The Miami Bass Machine is done by Lamar Jonson, you already know the music had to be produced by DXJ and friends. Talking bout a CLASSIC bass album!!

Two timeless bass albums we will never get tired of, that's for sure. And the good thing is, it seems there was never any animosity between both artists. When asked: "The cover from the album "The Miami Bass Machine" was a persiflage about "Bass Patrol". What was behind the story ? Was there a battle between DXJ and the Mills?", DXJ replied: "No not at all..Always have been cool with Calvin and Carlton. It was more fo a friendly shot at Joey Boy.. particularly Junior." So now you know...

Which one is your favorite?





Aug 10, 2013

Captain Bass Vs The Bass Headz

With $5,000 rap contest!

Real nice cover art from Robert Reed on this one, but I keep wondering if they are talking about $5 or $5000? If so they should have spent the $5000 on their own cd. OK, it's not THAT bad, but the whole cd is rather boring imo. Problem is there's not 1 song that really stands out; the whole thing sounds like its a breakbeats album, but then Miami bass style...  

Wait! Ofcourse! That's the idea anyhow, no?? You can enter the Captain Bass rap contest by making your own rap to one of the tracks (given, it says inside you can also make your own beat, but you're supposed to use one of his I guess). Haha, that explains everything...

Take a listen:

Now don't start going crazy thinking about the 5 G's! The entry deadline was March 1, 1994! 
What you COULD do is play all them beats by clicking HERE and bust some freestyle raps over them! Come on man, act like Nike and just DO IT!

Aug 4, 2013

Innovative Bass Collection - Vol. 4 "Woofers Warped"

Premium nutrition!!

Oh shit he did it again! 

"A must have collection of devastating sub-bass tracks compiled from classic releases originally released on cd by Innovative Bass Productions. Digitally re-mastered and boosted for fuller range audio. Each track has enough decibel assaulting bass drops to put any system to the test."

Looking at the tracklist I see tracks from "Blown 2 Bits", "Danger: High Voltage", "Super Slam Bass Jam" and "Caution: Radiation Area". Now if you're an old school cd head you might still find some of these release over at the IBP website. But if you prefer digital these are better for you ofcourse. Not only are they re-mastered but most importantly you support the artist by buying these! Here's the link:

Oh yeah, this is Vol. 4, do you have the other volumes already??

Since I'm not the type of person who enjoys making your life difficult, I'll provide you with the links. Just the click the pic for the album you want to buy. Enjoy the bass!!