Sep 30, 2011

Bass-A-Holiks - Ultra Low Frequenzy

Bass & babe

12 Tracks on this Pandisc release produced by Danny D

I think this is a fun track :

10. Freestyle bass medley

If you're a real bass-a-holik yourself you can always go HERE

Sep 27, 2011

Beat Dominator - Techno Bass Phase II

Planet ?

This is the Japanese release of Beat Dominator's Techno Bass Phase II on Cutting Edge. The tracks are the same, only different artwork.

01. Ignition

Sep 25, 2011

Sep 20, 2011

M.C. A.D.E. - In the arms of BASS

Layin' in the arms of bass

I wasn't a big fan of this cd when I first bought it, also because of the Beavis and Butt-head type skits called But Head and Bass Freak here, BUT it has a very interesting cover and there are some good tracks to be heared like

02. Crank it


08. Distortion


Sep 18, 2011

Bass Is NOT dead !!

I just found out about 2 new bass releases for 2011 !

1st we have the Bass Mekanik who dropped a new cd ! It's called "Lowd Slowd" and it's like a best of compilation screwed style ! You should get yourself a copy HERE on iTunes or anywhere else you feel like spending your money. Support the Bass Mekanik !!

Beatz a rok'n

2nd one is a new cd by King Taz aka DJ Taz called "Everything is alright". This was released somewhere in march so it was a real surprise to me because I didn't even know he was still active ! If you like that old A-Town bass sound you HAVE to look for it online because it's a real party banger.

Bass hero

Sep 15, 2011

Dr. Boom - Bass Eliminator Vol II

The return ...

This cd has a lot of cool track titles like "Amplifier love", "Bass flash", "Bass destruction" and "Speaker killer" but disappointing none the less because there's no actual "bass" music on it.

01. Trance bass

05. Bass flash

Sep 11, 2011

Ultimate Woofer Fuel / Flashback Bass Tracks

Debonaire's bassbombs !

These are re-mastered selections of tracks from Debonaire's days at IBP.

You can still buy Ultimate Woofer Fuel from the man himself at

Buy it HERE

You can also preview both albums in full HERE and HERE via Napster.

Sep 5, 2011

Get Some Crew - Come Get Some "LP"

Limited edition DJ copy

I couldn't really put up the cover for this one because I don't have the cd BUT, I'm posting it nonetheless for 2 reasons;

1. The vinyl comes in a cool grey marbled color : 

2. I think this track is a KILLER :

Side B 2 : It's on "146 BPM"

Do yourself a favour and play it LOUD

Sep 1, 2011

Bass Yarou - Bakuon Battle Racing

BASS野郎/ オムニバス


I wouldn't call this a great cd. It has all bass remixes of radio hits from the likes of Cher, A-HA, Spice Girls, Steppenwolf, Deep Purple and many more ! BUT ... there's some cool artwork, and THAT's what this blog is about ... right ?

01. T-square - Truth 

13. Deep Purple - Highway star

15. Survivor - Eye of the tiger