Dec 31, 2021

House Of Bass

 Continuous by DJ Basstronic


Lemme quickly drop 1 last post for this year. This United Sound CD gives exactly what it says on the cover; HOUSE music. Maybe just the type of beats you needed for this evening!?


Bass野郎外伝 爆音ケンカ道














OK, I know it took me long enough but I finally found the first volume of the Bass野郎外伝 爆音ケンカ道 series; BNCY-40. I already had BNCY-53 and BNCY-64. This one is another good compilation. There are Joey Boy tracks, Newtown, Neurodisc, IBP, a little bit of everything. Good stuff.


Unlike the latter 2 releases there was no sticker with this one yet though.










This one came with a fold out poster!










Bass Christmas was about to be released next. Perfect timing. But then again, Christmas was a week ago already. How time flies! This was probably my last post of the year. Hopefully we can all have much more bass joy next year.



Dec 28, 2021

Quad Control Station - Bass Xpo 2021

 The Saga Continues


Great news my friends; more Bass XPO is now available. The sage never ends. I am sure you heard the other XPO's already


But maybe you haven't heard the latest yet. "Bass XPO 2021: The Saga Continues" was released Christmas eve 2021 and brings more of that awesome melodic bass that we love to hear from QCS! 

I'll give you a small sample of track # 2 "Cali Nights"

But if, other better yet when you want to hear the rest you will have to go to Quad Control Station's Bandcamp page by clicking
And if you are one of those old heads that needs cd's, those are also available. You'll have to head over to fakebook and hit up Daneja Mental aka #badjoby, he's the mastermind behind Quad Control Station!
Enjoy the BASS!!!!!!

Dec 25, 2021

Bass Compilation Vol. 1

 14 Titres bass pour exploser vos enceintes!












Another French bass release from the label that brought us "La Compilation Mega Bass"; Web Music. They released a sh$tload of cd's. This particular one has "14 Titles to explode your speakers". The cover says "mixé par DJ SSAB" so I thought it would be some kind of "mixtape" but they are simply loose tracks. I have no idea what SSAB did here. A variety of styles as usual though;

some jazzy

some housy

some ravey

some reggaey
Not a milestone release but I do like the colors of the artwork.


As you can see on the back cover there are also 3 special Bass Test Tracks. If you would like to listen to those, and/or all the other tracks, I would suggest you take a look HERE

Dec 21, 2021

Bass Boy - Bass Drop

 Low Budget Bass


That is not my opinion! It's a actual track from this CD lol.




The album is not so low budget at all. Not saying it's top 10 material but not bad. 




Not much to say really exept that this Bass Boy is not Techmaster P.E.B.'s ALIAS , but rather another Danny D creation released on Backstage Records!

You'll find more BASS BOY on my YouTube channel...



Dec 5, 2021

La Compilation Mega Bass 5 - Special Mur Du Son

 A wall of funky sounds


I owed you guys this last part of "La Compilation Mega Bass". So as you can see this is number 5. I do agree that there are a lot of funky tracks on it. Sounds like I am listening to the Disco Bass album at times! 




And just like Volume 4 this one also had a German release; "Die Kompilation Mega Bass 2". Unlike what they did with 4, they kept the color scheme this time:


Yeah this is a funky CD. If you enjoy the samples provided, there is more on my YouTube Channel!



Only one track is really not funky actually, track 1. I don't know why but it gave me this "Bass Madness" vibe. Check it out...