Mar 18, 2022

Feel The Bass Vol. 9

Cheetah meets Attitude


So that means we mainly get DJ Magic Mike tracks and some from Attitude Records. Actually I guess that is typical material for the "Feel The Bass" volumes. Nothing groundbreaking, I agree, but it sure has cool artwork and it is a harder to find one in the series.



When I received the CD I thought I was effed because they added the wrong disc! Luckily it was not so but the disc sure looks like the one from Vol. 8!!




End good all good! 

Like I said; nothing groundbreaking to be heard, but that does not make the tracks any less better!




Mar 11, 2022

BASS野郎 presents BAD BASS

The return of Scorpio!


At least for me it is. You see, I first heard of Scorpio on the "Felix The Cat" release. "Felix The Cat" however is release BNCP-66, and this one is BNCP-58 (in the Bass 野郎 series) . So that means that this "Bad Bass" album is probably the first appearance of "Scorpio"? But whatever; it's an awesome bass release! I can't choose a track so I'll share the full playlist instead.