Feb 22, 2020

DJ DruMajor - Spawn Of The Bass


This is a high powered bass album Atlanta style! If you don't know who DruMajor is you must have been sleeping, but since that might be the case, the "Major Mix" from the album can give you an idea:

As you heard this is the man who produced the classic "Drop the bass: Death of a basshead" album! 


But on Spawn Of The Bass he pushes the production even a level higher! He is the Son of Bass, Brother of Drop! This is highpowered sh$t to YEEK to!!!


DJ Drumajor on Bandcamp: "A fossil of the late 80's and 90's Miami/Atlanta Bass era. Looking for a new Uptempo Home. I love hard fast music. I have worked with DJ Magic Mike, DJ Taz, Raheem The Dream, Kilo, Green Socks, D-Roc (Yin Yang Twins) and others from my genre. I am looking for a new home and outlet somewhere in the world."


You can get this heat on iTunes, Bandcamp, Spotify, just about anywhere they sell and stream digital music...

But why not go online and look him up? Let him now we still blast and appreciate his music? Maybe get an autographed copy like I did? Just saying...


Feb 15, 2020

La Compilation Mega Bass


Now this is not Techmaster or Bass Mekanik material, but I was attracted by the cover ofcourse and what I also like is that it is a French CD. Great to see that they even released bass CD's in France! As the cover states, expect house, techno and hardstyle (there is only one "dub" track).

The first track starts with a bass test and a house track with a typic French sound:

Not that bad, not that bad...  but what I REALLY DON'T like is hardstyle!! Like track 3:

No no no! Not my cup of tea!

Track 9 is the best on this release IMO. Bassy breakbeats...

And here is the dub track for your listening pleasure:

That's that for now friends. If you want to hear the whole album check out the full playlist


and stay logged in because there is more where that came from!

Feb 12, 2020

Obsessed With Bass

The Essential History Of Miami Bass 1985 - 1993

So I bought this publication on Amazon mostly because of the cover (the big speaker is on it man!).
I didn't expect to learn much from it but it definately looked like something to have in the collection.
The author Aaron Nemec admits he did not plan to be comprehensive, so the pamphlet only has 32 pages. I quote; "So instead of being comprehensive, I decided to only address some major figures and ideas of Miami bass through publishing my own zine, while providing some imagery. Anyone can dig deeper for more information or better image quality." Aaron Nemec knows the history, that's for sure, but the pamphlet is intended for people who actually don't know what bass music is.

Now the reason why I am actually posting this is because during my read I was pleasantly surprised!

The author used my Cover Wars Part 6 blogpost as a reference to his Calvin Mills II chapter! Coolness. As you might have noticed I have not been updating Bass Covers for some months, mainly because I felt nobody was visiting. But this proves that the blog can still be usefull for those interested in, or starting an interest in bass music.

So thank you Aaron Nemec, and that being said, I will be updating on a regular again from now on. May the BASS be with you.

You can get your copy of "Obsessed With Bass" by clicking this link:


or you can visit AMAZON