Aug 15, 2022

Mega Jon Bass - Boomsday II
















Mega Jon Bass AKA DJ Iceman J is back with another score to settle! He already handled a bunch of our bass heroes that he wasnt so fond of with the release of Boomsday in 2020. But now it seems somebody pissed him off again... The album title and album cover make it very clear that Mega Jon is out for heads! 

Expect nothing but hardcore bass battle tracks, mad samples and ginsu style scratching by DJ Nino Leal!

We havent witnessed this kind of fierce competition since the DJ Fury VS DJ Magic Mike days. Or MC Madness VS DJ Magic Mike. Remember this album cover?











Now altough Magic Mike's head also appears to be on a stick, the main fall guys on this album are Debonaire ("Debo-rah-naire"), Maggotron and a new bass producer called Gucci Bass ("Coochie Bass, the bass artist with a coochie face"). The Boomsday II album was released on 808 day 8-8-2022, 4 days after the release of Debonaire's "Bad Ass" album and a Debonaire and Maggotron run facebook campaign stating they would "flush the big toilet" being Mega Jon (read john as in toilet) Bass.




Mega Jon Bass responded:



Go to and listen to Boomsday II yourself. "Miami Bass Bully" meticulously takes care of Debonaire and Maggotron, "Bass Arena" takes out Gucci Bass and "Bass Headhunter" the rest of them. You will find out that the "John" has been far from flushed.

Get Boomsday 2 on every digital platform; apple music, spotify, beatporttidal, you name it.

I also might recommend you pick up one of the limited edition cd copies straight from On Fire Electronic Records. A certified collectors item in the near future!