Apr 30, 2013

Bass Patrol! Vol. 13

It may damage your speakers & possible loss of hearing!

Another good volume in the AVEX/Cutting Egde Bass Patrol! series. With a, how should we call it, "interesting" cover.
More Pandisc and Joey Boy hits...

Here's some of the artwork:

Designed by Katsuya Uehara for Body Blow Graphics
Photography by Seiko Kusu & Al Freddy
Front cover jacket model: Anna Blanca

Click the cd to get  a little surprise...

Apr 23, 2013

Bass Radio and Jam Pony Express present Mixtape 1

Mixed by SLIC VIC

Now here is a sweet one I have for y'all! This is official Jam Pony Express material I say. Don't know if you know about The Miami Bass Radio Network already? I you don't, and you want to stay up on the latest in bass, you should really catch up with them on facebook. They have regularly programmed radio shows, terrestrial and on the internet, playing nothing but bass music. 
On this release they teamed up with the red and black bass attack to prove to you that BASS AIN'T DEAD! 
23 New, exclusive and unreleased tracks by some of the heavyweights in the bassgame, and some of the newcomers wanting to be heard. All mixed and blended by the one, the only ...DJ SLIC VIC.
But not only that, you also get some lovely front and back artwork, designed by... ME!
So what are you waiting for? Check out the impressive tracklisting and DOWNLOAD this mixtape!!

The Miami Bass Radio Network:

We consider ourselves a "distribution network"; an organized, global effort to work with established Miami Bass artists, as well as foster new Miami Bass artists, to provide tracks to DJs for radio play. In turn, we work closely with radio platforms to provide them with Miami Bass DJs. We welcome all artists, DJs, and radio platforms to contact us to to cooperate and become serviced by the network. It's about cooperation, not competition.


For more Jam Pony Express DJ's mixtape go to the Muzik Shack!

You no like space theme? OK, OK, no problem my friend. Print this one then...

Apr 15, 2013

Debonaire - The Six Dollar Man

Bigger, badder, better

The long awaited Debonaire album everyone has been anticipating just got released worldwide! Pick up your digital copy direct from the Debonaire Records store or anywhere you buy digital music.

The Debonaire Records team is excited to present a new and novel vinyl record concept. You pick the trax that get on wax!

Go to the new You Pick The Trax That Get On Wax page for details.

Direct from Debonaire Records.com!

Apr 13, 2013

Bass Mekanik - Faster Harder Louder

Car Sound

We all know this is a great cd already, right? Just listen to the title track alone if you're not convinced yet...

This album was released by Pandisc in 2002 as a special CD/DVD release. I think it was also released as a DVD box.

But what makes todays post so special is that I have the Korean release of this cd with me. That's right; Korean! Can you imagine? Licensed & released by MIXX Creative Corp. (www.mixx.co.kr) and distributed by DREAMBEAT. Talking bout taking bass music worldwide! Big up to the Bass Mekanik and DJ Billy E... This release didn't come with the DVD though, same tracks but only on cd.

Looks to have been released in cooperation with a tuning magazine:

How cool is that? I'll leave you with another dope jam: Blockbuster. DJ Billy E on the cut!

Keep your eyes on eBay if you want to get this CD for yourself, otherwise you can already go to iTunes and get your copy of FASTER HARDER LOUDER today!

Apr 10, 2013

United World Of Dance For Party People - Bass


Smart people overthere in Belgium. At least they realised that "Bass" is a real musical genre in itself, and they gave it a volume in their collection of dance cd's.

OK, given, all tracks are from DM Records releases, so maybe not the most representative for bass, but still a good release. Here's my 2 favorite tracks:


Apr 2, 2013

Bass 305 - Digital Bass

The science of sound

If you didn't know yet, this is a real classic. The first release by Bass 305, the first release by DM Records, and being from 1992, it's also one of the earlier car audio bass cd's! Visit the Bassipedia for more on that subject.

These are some of my favorite tracks on this release:

02. Techno bass (Eurobass mix)

06. Techno soul bass (Hip hop version) (This is the intrumental to the Bass Gangsters' "Bass gangsters party all night long!" track)

07. Turntable terrorism (18 Turntables power mix)

and 10. DJ Scratch (Miami bass version)

They must have been busy moving out of their offices during the release of this cd. Take a look at the date and address on the inside of the booklet; 1992, Pompano Beach

but by the time they printed the backcover, it was 1993, and they had moved to Ft. Lauderdale. The things you learn here...