Jun 29, 2014

Bass Patrol - Body & Soul

The 4th incarnation...


1st we had the Mills Brothers, 2nd was DJ Fury and RX Lord, 3rd time around DYC and DJ Gusto, and for the 4th and final time (for now) we got The Committtee (Trak, Tek, Chapter, Fenz & Che), who also produced cd's for DJ Uncle Al, Creep Dog and the Bass Patrol Angels just to name a few...

Not a bad cd at all, here's the "hit" song Dirty Bird featuring DJ Uncle Al & Creep Dog:

A fun track featuring Nikol Williams from the Bass Patrol Angels:

And another party jam featuring the late great DJ Uncle Al!

Feel free to listen to the rest of the tracks on the Miami Bass History YouTube channel right HERE.

Art & graphics by Luroga Desing ofcourse, it's a Joey Boy release...

Jun 25, 2014

Bass 2005 - Bass Dimensions

"If you dare...


... come experience the ultimate dimensions of BASS 2005"

OK, we'll give it a try!

You just experienced another Danny D production on Backstage Records. The cover was designed by Jeff Morgan.

Did you hear track 3 "Bass moments"? When it starts it really sounds like one of those Triple 6/M-Town kinda junts. Cool though!

So? You want to listen again???

Jun 22, 2014

Smooth J - Miami Bass


That's the place to email if you want a copy of this album. 14 Bass and electro/bass tracks from Augusta GA's Smooth J. Lots of features on this one from artists like DJ Richie Rich, DJ Tom Oliver, Molly Lux, ElcoBotz, E-Rocker, DJ Pure Logic and much more!

Listen to the tracks here:

As you heard you can also find the previously released "The ultimate bass machine" on this album. This song was also on E-Rocker's CD "Electro Funk Machine". Check out the full video...

So if you want a copy of this new release, here's what you gotta do:

Send an email to "official706records@gmail.com" saying you would like a copy and Smooth J will help you from there. 

Visit Smooth J on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/706Records?fref=ts

Oh yeah! I would almost forget; another great artwork by none other than B-Bart! ^^

Jun 18, 2014

DJ Laz - Journey Into Bass

808 Kick drum

There's enough of that on this 1993 Pandisc release. But not only 808, DJ Laz really made a very versa(s)tile album here. We start of with the megaclassic bass jam "Journey into bass"...


Then we get some of that Latin swing Laz is known for...

A little something for the booming system in the ride...

A likkle bit a rub-a-dub hip hop stylee...

The quiet storm for if you ears would be ringing by now...

"Shaggy meets Splack Pack"...


Booty bass...

A DJ track...

And in 1993 one could not forget about the ravers!

See what I mean? VERSA(S)TILE!

Oh yeah, and the artwork was designed by AdImpact, Inc., Plantation, FL with Photography by Jill Kahn and the photo of Earth courtesy of NASA (?!)

Damn, almost forgot about the club!!!!

Jun 5, 2014

Ghetto Bass DJ's - Bass Power

2BMF Production


Not a bad CD at all. Released on Backstage Records Inc. in  1996. All songs written and produced by (2BMF) Keith (Mr Bassman) Rosenberg and Jorge (DJ Lace) Jaramillo.

Take a listen:

I don't know who did the artwork for this release but it really reminds me of the Bass Tech DXJ release "Bass Lander" which was also released in  1996 (on Pandisc Records)...