Apr 30, 2022

DJ Magic Mike - Bass Head

 So underestimated



Not just DJ Magic Mike but the whole genre of Miami Bass. Considering how much influence the style had on hip hop and dance music in general, it is surprising that we have not seen more releases like this!

The "Traffic Entertainment Group"  Discogs release page shows 631 reissues, with only 1 Miami bass release; this 2 CD DJ Magic Mike box. 2 CD's with a total of 110 tracks... in MP3 format! The hype sticker says "8 Albums" but actually there are 4 albums and 4 12"s/EPs.


A fun collectible item though. As I said 2 CD's and a book with the cover artwork and tracklists. 


TR-808 Sampling CD




This Sampling CD is the complete collection of all the Roland TR-808 rhythm machine sounds.

I'll drop a like right here for all you producers who want to use these sounds but don't have the funds to buy a vintage 808.

======> TR-808 SAMPLING CD

 Have fun!!