Feb 27, 2012

Maximum Boom For Your System - The Ultimate Collection

This double cd comprises 4 previously released Pandisc car audio samplers entitled  "Maximum boom for your system", hence "The ultimate collection". The reason why I'm featuring this cd here is because this is the first time I see a bass cd (US that is) released in this kind of double disc case!

Very nice cd indeed. But which tracks to showcase? There's 30 of 'em, one better than the other... OK... I choose... I choose...from disc one... 

12. DJ Madness & Dr Boom - Take it from them

and from disc two...

6. Bassman & DJ Lace - Bass dawg


Feb 24, 2012

DJ Droppin - Droppin Beats

2012 Really looks to be a bassmekanik.com year. (Although, wasn't this supposed to be the Miami bass history year, with the mixtape coming out and all???). Anyhow, look what dropped in this week:

DJ DROPPIN'S second album, DROPPIN' BEATS comes fully loaded, not only is it the best release yet from Producer Rob Grimes' Portland studio, but it also features 3 remixes of the title track DROPPIN' BEATZ by BASSOTRONICS, BASS MEKANIK & DJ BILLY E. Add to this a bonus test section for a total of 65 tracks and this release is ready to go the distance!

Released 21 February 2012

Here's a little sample. Go to bandcamp to buy the full release.

Feb 18, 2012

Bass Nation Sampler

United we jam

Collect all 10 volumes!
  • Bass machine
  • It's da life
  • Techno fever!
  • Big bass bounce
  • Bass city
  • No parking zone
  • Bass overload
  • West Coast heat
  • Str8 up bass
  • Bass mechanix

Oh, and WHY do they call this bass?

Feb 15, 2012

Food For Woofers 1 - Car Hifi Demo

In Car

This is the Food for Woofers special edition made for Quality Centers. The cd itself is the same as the "original" Food for Woofers, they only changed the covers.

There are never too much good bass songs on Food for Woofers cd's. This one is from 1992 so most of the tracks (11 + 9 sound effects) could be labeled as house music I guess. I only found 2 worth mentioning (one of them because of the King Tee sample).

02. Miami heaven

03. I need some boom

If you don't believe me, or you just like house music, take a look HERE

Here's the cover to the official release

Feb 12, 2012

Bass Yarou Vol. 2

For future low ride

They are very hard to find but the Bass Yarou cd's from Bad News Records always have nice covers. On this cd you get Joey Boy Records releases only so that means it's a good compilation (except for the reggaeton tracks by Mr. Dino and Johnny Boy which I really don't like). There's also 2 tracks from the lesser known release by Terra Infirma. This is track 2;  Drum beats go like this.

If you say Joey Boy you have to say Disco Rick:

Track 4; Disco Rick & The Dogs - Work it out

17. Miami Boyz - Ready to go (different from lp version)

Come to think of it. Looking at this cover we might have finally discovered what lies behind The Final Frontier!!

Feb 10, 2012

Bassotronics - Bass Buttons Activated

Bassmekanik.com drops bass non stop this year!

"BASS BUTTONS ACTIVATED, the sophomore release from BASSOTRONICS is the perfect follow up to THE FUTURE IS BASS, his popular debut album. Chock full of the electro bass grooves that mark his quirky brand of techno, BASS BUTTONS ACTIVATED rolls and thumps like a great bass party mix from top to bottom."

Released 09 February 2012

Go to bandcamp to hear more and buy the tracks 

Here's the YouTube commercial:

Got mine "straight from the man" ^^

Feb 7, 2012

Pandisc Means Bass...

And more!

Go to the Miami Bass History tumblr to download the 24 pages Pandisc catalog of 1997!

Feb 5, 2012

Deep Bass Nine

Klingon music

I would label it "house" or "club" music. Awesome cover but the music is not really my type of hype. This cd is by Sean "Sage" Jordan, the man who also gave us "Thunder jams", "Back to the bass-x", "Gotta have that bass", and "The art of bass"; all on the ever booming Innovative Bass Productions label!

These are my favorite tracks:

Number 7, the freestylish "Light year"

And track 12, the electroish "Deep bass 9"

If you wanna hear the rest of the cd, you can always go HERE

May the bass be with you...