Dec 26, 2013



What can I say man? LOVE the artwork - some real crazy sh*t! It was designed by "Tycoon Graphics" for "Graphickers"...

Unfortunately my scan didn't really capture the colors too good. Maybe this picture is better...

 What say ye? The music's not bad at all either. 24 DM Records tracks!

Check out the playlist...


Dec 22, 2013

Maggotron - Hindsight Is 20/20

Bass sight is 8/0/8
Foresight doesn't exist

16 Brand new Maggotron tracks on one spectacular digital release! I can assure you, the previews don't do the music any justice; just go ahead and buy the damn thing, and then go and play it on the biggest speakers you have access to. THAT's what this release is made for! 

If you're one of them iFiends you can go to your Tunes store HERE, but if you're not, then go over to and buy straight from the source right HERE!!

Here's another one of my favorites from the album. I can just imagine that "Bass that ate Miami" speakerbox coming down the street blasting this!!

And since digital releases don't have liner notes, here are some from Maggotron himself, posted on our Miami Bass History facebook group:

Closing out 2013 with a new 16 track album -- due out on 12/17/2013 you can stream it baby world wide

We Ain't Never left ...
...current events modern histeria his-tory Reality check -- go ahead and type or search for labels like Joey Boy/ On Top , Cheetah , Luke etc...
You will either find nothing or some re direct or at best an abandoned rarely updated web page ...
whereas gets you a current/ active participant in the game with a slick modern web site! That's right we Ain't never left That's Reality , that's Bass sight Baby and it's 8/0/8 -- We have never gone out of business been at a loss for creative ideas or ahem taken breaks to ahem cough cough -- visit the Graybar Hotel. Very few of our then Contempt -or raries are still around ..

The Entire album will be available World wide on 12/17 2013
And here's the hustle , there is no hustle- If you use Itunes Radio, Spotify Rhapsody and any of the other streaming services world wide it costs you nothing queue us up in yo ear buds and feel your brain cells turn to mush ,While we make nothing! Whippy Dip! This new Music Business Business model is awesome!
If you would like to help us keep our Champagne and Caviar lifestyle , feel free to purchase a Track or two from itunes or wherever else it is you Purchase your downloads. Buying a bootleg of this from the guy at the Barber shop does not constitute helping us out....

...and for those of you behind the news here - the other songs are available for preview at the SoundClowned link above for Maggotron --- also Roxanne's Parent is a full length version for your listening pleasure - Debonaire Records and Maggotron have now raised the stakes and have matched any of it's Miami Bass World's competitors weak and long since played out attempts at Skrip Clubbed Theme -antics and their attempts to regain the glories of the pas, not to mention the extremely BORING regurgitation's that have been going on for the last decade or so by some of the other Labels! Re -Issue this ---!!
You as the fan deserve better! Jam them earbuds way up into your ears Clamp those headphones down to your Head and breath in the Future!! ( some of you are cool enough to get this -- since there are no albums anymore - posts like this are your MODERN DAY LINER NOTES....

A new bass anthem right here:

DJ Droppin - For The Love Of Bass

"Special thanks to Tim Cann and Team Implode Audio"

Maaaan, DJ Droppin' does it again! 17 New bass tracks that will really push your system to the limit! The fresh artwork is done by Aaron Randall with Sub Sonik Designz. Here's the title track "For the love of bass":

Take a listen to the rest of the album with this preview on YouTube, straight from Droppin's own channel...

You like? You Like? Well get it then @iTunes
Coming soon to Amazon, Bandcamp, and other mp3 sites.


Check this out then; the "Dropnd 'N Torqd Edition". 

In Droppin's words: 

"Bassheads, prepare for unquestionably the lowest Bass on Earth. Hair tricks anyone? Not recommended if you don't like lows (But, who doesn't like Lowz? Seriously!) Or if you aren't tuned down to or can play well BELOW 25-30hz. Proceed with Extreme Caution!


Bassotronics - Infrasonic Addictions

Lower Pitch mixes


Those are what you'll get when purchasing this album. Also a couple of "Slow mixes" and some new joints ofcourse. All in all another must have for us esteemed Bassotronics fans.

Get it straight from the Bass Mekanik HERE, or from iTunes ofcourse right HERE, or just "Google it" man... as long as you BUY, BUY, BUY... ^^


Dec 19, 2013

Miami Bass Jams Volume 2

Cut it up def!

We had to wait 22 years for Volume 2... but luckily it didn't disappoint! This compilation from gives us a great impression of the state of the bass in 2013. From dj tracks to party raps, hip hop to booty bass, electro to club bangers, you name it; it's on this disc! Some are new, some had been released already a few years prior, but not a soul will notice. I'll give you a preview with clips gathered from... where else... YouTube:

Jock D - Cut It Up Def Pt 2 (short version was also featured on the MBH Mixtape Vol 1)

Kidd Money - This Club (Produced by Richie Rich)

Death Jam feat Jock D - Look Out!

Sound Chasers feat Jock D - War Games

Alaska MC - What You Want

T Boyz DL feat Jock D (Produced by DJ Tom Oliver)

I think you get the picture; a quality compilation. GET IT NOW, from, and as a bonus, you will receive a FREE limited edition Two Set DVD of "The Bass That Ate Miami" Documentary!! I know I did... what are YOU waiting for man??


Nov 5, 2013

Miami Bass Tracks, Vol. 2

More Raw Underground Music!

Now this is an album that's worth every $, € or whatever currency you are using. With a host of great artists, this compilation has a little of everything we bassheads love so much; a good amount of those Mr Mixx type of beats (DJ Richie Rich), a little bit of that Newcleus electro sound (Cozmic Crew), some Quad Force type of quad for the booming system (Raw Underground), a pinch of trap to get the neighbours jumping (Ohm Boi)... you know... THE GOOD STUFF!

Now if you don't take my word, just go to Amazon to get a small preview. Ofcourse the low quality samples don't do the tracks any justice but at least you can get an idea of the sound... Ifans can go to iTunes, where else would they go?

Check out Ohm Boi's banger on YouTube:

The Phantom Express!


So you know what to do: download from Amazon, iTunes, or anywhere else you can find this album at, doesn't matter to me. And then you get your free covers from here! That's right. The cover on top is the official cover that I designed for this compilation. You see, the problem with these digital download sites is that they don't allow artists or track names on the cover, so I had to remove some things in order for Raw Underground Music to get the cover approved. So the music you'll have to buy, but the front and back cover are on me.

Keep bass alive!!

Oh yeah, and don't forget to do as the flyer says: pick up Volume 1 also, OK?

Oct 12, 2013

BASS野郎外伝 爆音ケンカ道

From Bad News Records

Yet another Bass Yarou release from Bad New Records. On the cover we have the same guy that is on THIS CD right here, but this is before he turned into a vampire. Makes sense, this is release BNCY-53 while the other one is BNCY-64. Also, does anybody know who this character is? Must be from a manga, but I don't now sh*t about that. So if you know, let me know please...

Back to the music. Good cd. Mainly Neurodisc tracks (we have Bass Hit, Bass Quake, Bass Cult, Bass Shock, Bass Erotica, etc...)...

But there's also a little Newtown (Vicious Base and Basswerk) and Joey Boy (Cyber Messiah)


Really worth the buy. Came with an extra sticker just like the other one.

I would like to inform you on who did the artwork but I really can't read anything in the booklet...

Oct 6, 2013

Bassman Vol. 04 - Miami Bass Raps

Old school raps


I have no idea what keeps possessing these people to keep releasing stuff like this... We get 10 tracks here which are all covers of rap classics like "White lines", "It's tricky" and "The roof is on fire" just to name a few. But listen to what they did with it. Do you think this is a good cover version??

And how do you like this Run-DMC cover?

OH! Wait wait wait! After taking a closer look at the inlay I get it! No only do they insult their buyers but they give away the secret; "... this cd is really a cool SHIT, a REAL SHIIIII-T.", get it? ^^

As usual Toshiaki Ishii (art direction), Kazuhiro Osakabe (design) and Motoi Abe (photography) did their best with the visual aspect...

So there you go. If you are curious about how every track sounds like, I welcome you to listen to the "Nonstop edit" I posted on YouTube. You can also click HERE.

Oct 1, 2013

Bass Masters - The Ultimate Woofer Test

Volume 1


Now we all know Majammy Records is not THE most spectacular bass label out there, but I have to say this cd surprised me. The bass definitely goes deep enough and we also get more than enough beats to go with it. Listen to this:

Yeah yeah! Arthur Nastasi did a great job producing and writing this! Trust me, just sit back and listen to the whole cd. You can do that by playing the YouTube playlist HERE,or you can play it on your whatchamacallit after going right HERE.

Oh yeah, I would almost forget the most important part: Cover art & graphics by Marc Pomeroy...

Sep 22, 2013

Feel The Bass Vol. 3

~Lowrider Madness~

Madness it is. Art direction by Toshiaki Ishii, Design & CG by Kazuhiro Osakabe.

Sep 18, 2013

Bass Yarou - BASS 野郎~壱

Whatever that means...

This cd is from 1996, released on Bad News Records Japan. I'm sure it's in the Bass Yarou series but I can't really figure out which volume... maybe Vol. 2. Good cd though. All Joey Boy Records tracks. See the tracklist:

Want to listen? CHECK HERE.

The Design & Illustration is done by ILLDOZER GRAPHUCK. The inside of the booklet has a "censored" cover ^^

I really like these cd's but I should start learning some Japanese language, because this doesn't make any sense... What is a "body' woofer"???

Well, "whatever man". See you guys around...

Sep 11, 2013

Dancemaster - # 02 R&B Bass

With lyrics sheet...

As promised I bring you Vol 2 in the Dancemaster series: R&B Bass. To tell you the truth, I think I had enough of R&B Bass for now. Now if YOU feel like some, you can always go HERE, but all I'm gonna do is post the lyrics so you can sing along!

Sep 7, 2013

Feel The Bass Vol. 1

~ Lower the dynamite ~

Another great Japanese release! I really love the cover (which was done by Toshiaki Ishii and  Kazuhiro Osakabe)  and the music is also booming... but how can it not boom? There are 15 Magic Mike tracks on this cd! 

Check out the tracklist:

Check out the YouTube:

Check out the music*:

Check out the obi and such:

And don't forget to

*Hint: it's a clickable pic

Sep 4, 2013

Vicious Base - The Ghost Is Back

Featuring D.J. Magic Mike!

Featuring? "All songs produced, arranged & mixed by: D.J. Magic Mike", so it's safe to say Vicious Base IS D.J. Magic Mike this time around... This was his second release for the Newtown Music Group and I gotta hand it to Mike, he was a beast in creating them jeep beats! Take a listen to my favorite cuts from this album:

Dope, right? But since this is a covers blog I should not forget to mention the artwork, which was done by Wayne Tillett,  a well known cartoonist for D.C. Comics! How cool is that...