Jan 28, 2018

Creative Element - A New Style

Bilingual rap

Or is it

Elemento Creativo - Un Nuevo Estilo

Rap bilingue y en Español 

So confusing... But whatever the case, this is a rare release on cd. Even the vinyl is hard to find, but on cd it is even rarer. The vinyl has 11 tracks but the cd has 15. The first 8 are in Spanish, the other 7 are in English or bilingual.

So we could chose to listen to this song:


Or to this song:

We could chose to listen to this song:

Or to this song:

Are you with me out there? Let's just keep it bilingual.


GUYS!! Which one of you has Creative Element gear at home? They had a whole range of stuff in their catalog. Make sure you send in pics if you have something.

And oh yeah!! Before I forget (it IS still a covers blog), the art & design was done by none other than Luis Garcia.

Jan 27, 2018

Bass Jams Superstars

Volume one

Don't think they had a volume two... and maybe that is for the best. There are no bass superstars on this release. Cute cover, but the music sucks imo. A bunch of one hit wonders like "Da dip", "2 much booty" and "Ride 'em cowboy"...


This was a Power/Triad Records release from Georgia, compiled or overseen by DJ Cloud I think.

Playskule and G-Rock are not bad...


Ofcourse I will never stop you from listening to the whole cd yourself. It's not because I don't like the music, that you don't like the music!

Jan 18, 2018

Kuschel Bass 2

The kuschelbear has returned!

"Kuschel Bass 2" macht genau da weiter, wo sein Vörganger aufhörte. Taucht in anschmiegsame Zweisamkeit ein, in eine Woge warmer, wohliger Bass-Frequenzen, und lasst Euch verzaubern von einfühlsamen Pop- und Soulballaden. Die schönsten Momente in Deinem Auto gehören Dir mit "Kuschel Bass 2".

YEAH BABY! It's kuschel time again!

Better yet:

"Cuddle Bass 2" continues exactly where his predator left off. Immerse yourself in cuddly togetherness, in a wave of warm, comfortable bass frequencies, and be enchanted by sensitive pop and soul ballads. The most beautiful moments in your car belong to you with "Cuddle Bass 2"

Check out some more United Sound releases:

Jan 14, 2018

Quad Zone

The cars! The girls! The bass!

Many moons ago I saw an add for this video cassette in the 1997 Pandisc catalog, which I received back then from a friend of mine. 

Now it took me quite some time to find a copy, but good things come to those that wait, and I finally copped one!

So now I am pleased to share it with my loyal followers. Relax, sit back, and enjoy 55 minutes of bass music, girls in bikini and customized cars:



I hope you enjoyed that ride through the once wonderfull world of Pandisc. Check out some more artwork from Gerard Delaney for ADimpact!


And a few schreenshots from the QuadZone website in 1998

Jan 7, 2018

Ultimate Bass Challenge Vol 1

Bass Hit vs Bass Connection

The title speaks for itself. Bass Hit and Bass Connection battle it out on this Neurodisc release. Artwork was handled by clearh2ostudios

YOU decide who wins!