Apr 22, 2023

Bass Mania Vol. 1 - Double Nonstop Mix

 U Ready To Shake Your Fuckin Blow Up!!



Well... this CD had potential! I had never seen it online before, it had nice colorful cover artwork (something I always like) and the tracklist looked like it featured some of the hardest bass artists out there:

Extra Bass feat. Ultra

Uncle Bass feat. Platinum & M.C. Bazooka

Bass Fist! feat. Cli-N-Tel

Blood Boy (?)

Those sound kinda spectacular right? 


But then if you look at the left side of the tracklist, the song titles, THAT is where the problem started!!

In the Navy '99

Samba De Janeiro

The Age Of Love


More Eurodance sold as Bass!

And they talk about a "Double Nonstop Mix". Not that it is a complete lie; yes there are 2 "mixes" on the CD, but both feature the same 10 tracks!!

The hunt goes on for more original bass music that we did not hear before. With this release, we will have to settle for the artwork...