Nov 28, 2015

Icey Mo' Quad - Da bottomless pit

Featuring the Bass Cave Click

That would be these guys:

Since I'm a big fan of this other Bass Cave release, D.J. Quad's "Ka-Mo-Ka-Zi Quad"; I expected this one to be as heavy... but it's not so I was a little disappointed... Not saying it's a bad cd but the song don't drop like "Quakin" or "Yea-Yea"! Here's an impression:

You can always check out the complete album OVERHERE.

Nov 22, 2015

Back 2 Bass X

Featuring Heavy Roc


Featuring? Yeah ok, EVERY song features Heavy Roc. Another So-Lo Jam release labeled as a bass cd, It's even IASCA "certified", but actually it's just another rap cd... 




Believe me now?

Ok, ok, there's still some bass to be found...


Nov 21, 2015

3 Grand - 3 Bad Brothers

All ingredients are there...


to be a bass cd; produced by The Bass Mechanics, recorded in Jacksonville, Fl. and artwork done by Alric Goins for Alric's Creations, but it's NOT! Only 1 bass track on this release, the other's are hip hop "a la Kriss Kross".