Jul 23, 2021

Bass In Your Face Vol VI

Bass-O-Matic - Non stop mix!


Good cd! Only thing I don't understand is the "non stop mix!" part. I don't hear anything mixed. Maybe there is not too much of a pause between the tracks, but no mixing lol. So as I said, it's a good cd... but if you're an experienced bass collector and/or listener there will be nothing new to discover though :( This is the Ghetto Bass DJ's release "Bass Power" repackaged + 2 added tracks!









Because of this I didn't even have to upload anything to YouTube because I already posted "Bass Power" on the Miami Bass History channel 7 years ago, easy.




So then what are the 2 extra tracks. They added these right before the test section starts; "Bass blaster" and "Bass can you feel it?".



You have to give it to the Nippon Crown guys, they know what they are doing. Since Ghetto Bass DJ's are Keith "Mr Bassman" Rosenberg and Jorge "DJ Lace" Jaramillo (aka 2BMF), they added 2 DJ Lace tracks.

"Bass Blaster" is originally "Android Power" 




And " Bass Can You Feel It?" is originally... "Bass, Can You Feel It?"



So now you know all about this release. You could try to get this one for a multitude of reasons; you're a 2BMF collector, you're a BIYF collector, you want every cd ever made, you don't know what to spend your money on,  you collect stickers, the choice is yours. YOU do YOU.

Jul 17, 2021

Feel The Bass Vol. 8

 "Techno drum'n'bass"


Looking at the cover of this cd I was really under the assumption that it would be an r&bass compilation, reminiscent of Bass Patrol!'s "love" edition:


But I was pleasantly surprised! What I received was a very good mix of breaks, drum & bass, trip hop, techno, 2 step, all sorts of productions with beats. The DJ really did a good job in the selection imo. It's not just 1 style all the time so it never bores. After taking the liberty to run the liner notes through an OCR and Google Translate I learned that that is exactly what he was trying to accomplish; give the listener a taste of bass music that is NOT Miami bass.









(sic) "In recent moves, the "base" genre has gained citizenship, and the thing itself has undergone a truly unique transformation. "Bass music", which was born in Southeastern Miami on the continent of North America, and bass music, which grew up with rap techno as the mother, were roughly divided into two streams from the early 90's. The first trend is a fusion with "hip hop," which I've heard once, no matter how ignorant the music is. Rap. Since the birth of graffiti art breakdance and trinity hip-hop culture in the corner of his mune in New York, he has used so-called "old school" big stories, led by DJ trance and DJ magic microphone. The current hip-hop-oriented bass music was born. The second flow is the "techno drum'n'bass" that I'm hearing now as the mother and his "bass". The so-called F-driving music that has changed with the evolution of digital devices. Feel the Bass Vol. 8 released this time, or the concept of "a bass that can be heard at home" was transmitted from the ear to the brain as a strong message just by listening to it. My stereo isn't very good, and even its rag stereo has the same bass and treble sound pressure difference, power bangs, and buzzing sounds that you would hear in a haco. I think it's lukewarm in this way, but it's certain that it will become the mainstream of "bass J" in the future, and it is inevitable that it will become a classic in the "bass" world! !! The most seasonal artists in Los Angeles, USA. Intelligent programming and Miki his singing. You can eat 3 cups of rice with this CD alone. Introducing the ever-expanding Space 1'Sworld, Cosmic Base! !!"


I really enjoyed this while driving. May I suggest you try the same??



And if you don't have a car boom it from YouTubei





Jul 9, 2021

Bass 305 - Bass Resurrection




"Bass Resurrection" is the new 2021 release from the legendary instrumental electronic bass production duo known as Bass 305.  This release is a limited collector's edition and only 305 CD copies will ever exist.  Each CD will be numbered (1 of 305 to 305 of 305) and signed by Bass 305.  This limited edition album will not be available on any streaming services for at least  6 months.  This release is on a first come basis. 

This is a fantastic album featuring the best iconic bass producers of all time collaborating with Bass 305.  Techmaster P.E.B., Bass Mekanik, Underground Bass Masters, Quad City DJ's and Techno Bass Crew have all worked together to create this collection of new bass music.

This is a MUST HAVE!"





Jul 4, 2021

La Compilation Mega Bass 4 - Kill The Bass!



Hi guys I'm back with another Bass Tuning release; Volume 4. And now it gets rather interesting, from a collector's point of view ofcourse. You see, this CD was also released in Gemany, so it became "die Kompilation" instead of "la compilation" (pic 1). In France they were already at part 4 but the German release is the first one there (pic 2). What makes it even more confusing is that the color scheme they used for the first German release is that of the first French release (pics 3 & 4) but the tracks are actually that of the 4th one (pic 5). Are you still following? Take a look at the pics:



So now about those tracks. We have Labo 54, Tuner 93, MC Fou and DJ's Porn.

Labo 54 takes care of the bass tests, listen to "Subbass Test"


Tuner 93 does the "Two Steps" (more on YouTube)



MC Fou the "Hip Hop" (more on YouTube)




And DJ's Porn finish it up with some "Techno"



I guess it wasn't such a bad idea of the Germans to start with this one. I like all the Labo 54 and Tuner 93 tracks. The only music I don't dig is DJ's Porn. 

I'll be back soon with the last volume...