Aug 15, 2022

Mega Jon Bass - Boomsday II
















Mega Jon Bass AKA DJ Iceman J is back with another score to settle! He already handled a bunch of our bass heroes that he wasnt so fond of with the release of Boomsday in 2020. But now it seems somebody pissed him off again... The album title and album cover make it very clear that Mega Jon is out for heads! 

Expect nothing but hardcore bass battle tracks, mad samples and ginsu style scratching by DJ Nino Leal!

We havent witnessed this kind of fierce competition since the DJ Fury VS DJ Magic Mike days. Or MC Madness VS DJ Magic Mike. Remember this album cover?











Now altough Magic Mike's head also appears to be on a stick, the main fall guys on this album are Debonaire ("Debo-rah-naire"), Maggotron and a new bass producer called Gucci Bass ("Coochie Bass, the bass artist with a coochie face"). The Boomsday II album was released on 808 day 8-8-2022, 4 days after the release of Debonaire's "Bad Ass" album and a Debonaire and Maggotron run facebook campaign stating they would "flush the big toilet" being Mega Jon (read john as in toilet) Bass.




Mega Jon Bass responded:



Go to and listen to Boomsday II yourself. "Miami Bass Bully" meticulously takes care of Debonaire and Maggotron, "Bass Arena" takes out Gucci Bass and "Bass Headhunter" the rest of them. You will find out that the "John" has been far from flushed.

Get Boomsday 2 on every digital platform; apple music, spotify, beatporttidal, you name it.

I also might recommend you pick up one of the limited edition cd copies straight from On Fire Electronic Records. A certified collectors item in the near future!



May 8, 2022

Subwoofer Test King

 Sound Test Equipment Preferred Dish


Today I have a real cool item to share with you! What you see here is an audiophile CD box from Mainland China. Released by MUSICNESTMUSIC it contains a total of 8 CD's with 136 tracks ranging from classical music to sound effects, Western popular hits,Chinese traditional music, African tribal rhythms and everything else inbetween...












I was really pleasantly surprised with the quality of the package. It comes in a nice metal box with an 8 page booklet and as mentioned before 8 CD's.


Not just 8 CDs but 8 black CDs! According to the booklet they are made out of "High transmittance polycarbonate material, backed with new nano reduction film coating, diskblue-black".  









Furthermore it reads, and I quote;" Black rubber CD adopts exclusive patented production technology. It does not have the disadvantage of die casting loss and format conversion, which leads to the deterioration of sound quality. The use of special materials makes black rubber CD more durable. Simply put, black glue CDs use exclusive patented technology, coupled with the processing of artistic sense, even on ordinary CD machines can also obtain (black glue record) like music enjoyment. The voice is really amazing, the sound field is super wide, the voice is real, it is worthy of the black rubber CD."

Black rubber CD? You learn something new every day!!













Now let me tell you, I am not a fan of audiophile CDs at all! Disc 3 for instance turns out to be THIS RELEASE (sucks), and disc 1 THIS RELEASE (more suckage, but that is my opinion ofcourse! Might be gold for others!). The other 5 discs also didn't move me. 

So where does this post become relevant you ask?

With disc number 4!












That's awesome right? The Chinese release of "Bass Explosion U.S.A. Volume One"! Talking about a rare find... 

Didn't put anything on YouTube because this is mainly an item for your collection but you can always CLICK THIS LINK if you want to hear the black disc Bass Explosion!!!


May 6, 2022

BASS野郎 夏

 The Woman With A Firecracker In Her Ass


Come on be honest; doesn't it look like that at first sight?? And you know what's even more funny? YouTube removed the thumbnails of this release. They didn't remove the videos themselves, but they changed the thumbnails! So if you go to my YouTube channel you will see this instead of firecracker woman. LOL



So just what is this CD all about. After running the liner notes through an OCR and translator I seem to understand that this is a "Summer Bass" album featuring bass remakes of certain "classic" summer hits!



"In order to make the bass music soku more popular, the BASS bastard series is indispensable not only for day and night power stam car kids but also for dance music fans. With innovative planning power, song selection, and a visual that is full of originality, I'm sure that I have a grudge against the scene as a unique series. In November, "Bass Christmas 1 was released. In other words, the base of the Christmas song] Version. This recorded a big hit again. Natsu: It's true that when we decided to release the series, we received a lot of request strikes from Blind Juan. From the classic songs that come over every year in the summer, to the nostalgic songs 3 Masa songs, and even the latest hit songs, a base album loved by men and women of all ages has been completed here, so I wanted it even for the Lord. Yo, such a summer base album. Let's take a quick look at the songs. First, the second song belief. '98 -Recording the worldwide blockbuster of the month of departure! 1 The number of the shale you know. The third song is Hikaru Utada's blockbuster song, which now requires no explanation. This is the number one featured song of this work. The 7th song is a blockbuster song of Inner Circle, a super groove in the reggae I world. The B song is a song by Misha, an RGB singer who represents Japan; the 10th song is a masterpiece of that Beastie Poise that is nostalgic for my father. But, ‘Many people know it, so it ’s the 11th song, Diana King ’s success story. I also did a hot topic in a duet with Nahki. The 13th song is Seiko Matsuda's big hit song, which is really controversial for people in their 30s. People in their 10s and early 20s may not know it, but Seiko-chan is famous for that wide show. The 14th song, summer is probably this group, I released a record this summer, but it's a tube. The 18th song is a speed song. E Recently, I'm looking forward to doing my personal activities in a rage. The 17th song is a Kinki Kids song that became an image song for a certain airline Okinawa campaign. How about this gorgeous line number. Only BASS guys can do this. In addition, how was "BASS bastard summer" with 8 songs of Su J Kunish Regekou / Rab and 1 song of Bass Inst? R) I think there are many powers to talk about love with 8GM this year. BASS bastard is planning to release various projects from now on, and I want you to make such a BASS bastard. " Then, the notice of the next work. Finally, in the long-awaited "BASS bastard rochi or vest", Katsutoshi "BASS bastard rochi power 3J, 5 people are selected as the culmination of the popular food ruseries, and this is the annual soul battle. It's not the best, it's the best of girls. Expectations for begging. August 1999 Toru Ikedo"

There are 19 tracks on this Bad News Records CD. 8 Are in the reggaeton/Latin bass vibe, not a hot selection. And the other 11  are the "summer bass" tracks. Actually they also kinda suck :(

Cher again??



BUT! As you can see from the title, what is very interesting about this release is that these tracks are produced by db Bass Killaz! Now the Cher remix sounds nothing like the acid breaks that we know from them, so you would doubt they are the same as the Neurodisc Bass Killaz. But when you listen to "Never gonna cry" for instance, I really think you can recognize the Neurodisc sound! Take a listen:




That was a nice surprise right? Maybe these tracks were made before they did the 2 albums?

Anyhow, here's another one for your listening pleasure and there is more on my Channel!


Apr 30, 2022

DJ Magic Mike - Bass Head

 So underestimated



Not just DJ Magic Mike but the whole genre of Miami Bass. Considering how much influence the style had on hip hop and dance music in general, it is surprising that we have not seen more releases like this!

The "Traffic Entertainment Group"  Discogs release page shows 631 reissues, with only 1 Miami bass release; this 2 CD DJ Magic Mike box. 2 CD's with a total of 110 tracks... in MP3 format! The hype sticker says "8 Albums" but actually there are 4 albums and 4 12"s/EPs.


A fun collectible item though. As I said 2 CD's and a book with the cover artwork and tracklists. 


TR-808 Sampling CD




This Sampling CD is the complete collection of all the Roland TR-808 rhythm machine sounds.

I'll drop a like right here for all you producers who want to use these sounds but don't have the funds to buy a vintage 808.

======> TR-808 SAMPLING CD

 Have fun!!  


Mar 18, 2022

Feel The Bass Vol. 9

Cheetah meets Attitude


So that means we mainly get DJ Magic Mike tracks and some from Attitude Records. Actually I guess that is typical material for the "Feel The Bass" volumes. Nothing groundbreaking, I agree, but it sure has cool artwork and it is a harder to find one in the series.



When I received the CD I thought I was effed because they added the wrong disc! Luckily it was not so but the disc sure looks like the one from Vol. 8!!




End good all good! 

Like I said; nothing groundbreaking to be heard, but that does not make the tracks any less better!




Mar 11, 2022

BASS野郎 presents BAD BASS

The return of Scorpio!


At least for me it is. You see, I first heard of Scorpio on the "Felix The Cat" release. "Felix The Cat" however is release BNCP-66, and this one is BNCP-58 (in the Bass 野郎 series) . So that means that this "Bad Bass" album is probably the first appearance of "Scorpio"? But whatever; it's an awesome bass release! I can't choose a track so I'll share the full playlist instead.



Feb 27, 2022

Bass Midnite - Route 1

Brought to you by Gasoline Records


OK, this CD started out promising... not top quality bass material but I was like "ok, ok,  they tried"...

Bass Over Beethoven Part 1 by The Bakfire Coasters

My Heart Will Go On... by Lowdown Chasers 
Agreed, not DJ Magic Mike, but listenable. But then it started... they brought out the Aotang Bass Panthers...

and from there on it went downhill FAST!
I mean... "Macarena"?
(Bass Runnings feat. Aotang Bass Panthers - Macarena)
 "Spice Girls"??

(DJ Megaton feat. Aotang Bass Panthers - Wannabe)
"Hello, Mr. Monkey"??? 
(Aotang Bass Panthers - Hello, Mr. Monkey)

My god! I am sure that Joe Brad, the guy who recorded and mixed all these tracks, and who produced and wrote most of them did his best,  but don't burn yourself on this one!
Don't say I didn't warn you!!! 


Feb 18, 2022

Promotional "J-Tapes"

So recently I have been "unearthing" some cool and rare Japanese promotional tapes. I would like to showcase them here for your viewing pleasure, and I hope to be updating this post from time to time (but I have this feeling I should not get my hopes up too much lol).