Apr 27, 2014

Juliana Techno Bass Party

Produced by Beat Dominator!

This is a rare Japanese CD in the Cutting Edge "Bass Patrol!" series! 12 out of the 18 tracks are from the "Hyper Techno Bass" album,

the other 4 might be exclusive for this release, I'm not sure. I'll post them here so you can take a listen. Maybe you've heard them before?

Apr 26, 2014

Bass-Time Continuum - Phuture Bass

Majammy ESA1017

All tracks by Noel W. Sanger. Cover art & graphics by Marc Pomeroy. Majammy Records releases are never really top releases in my opinion but that doesn't mean it's all bad!


Best of the CD:

REST of the CD.

Apr 18, 2014

Sony Mobile - Disturb The Peace

Xplod system test disc

As you can see from the title this is a cd released by Sony Electronics, Inc to promote their Xplod products. I can't say there's anything new under the sun to be found here, but that doesn't make it a bad cd either. Released in  2000 it features 11 Pandisc tracks and a Xplod test section.  Check the tracklist:


The only track exclusive for this release is the intro:

This is my favorite of the disc, a Bass Mekanik cover of  A.D.E.'s "Bass Mechanic"!

Another great track:

The package design for this release was done by Gerard Delaney @ XLR8. The "Mr X" character/artwork was created by Ralph Steedman. 
This must have been a rather popular line of audio gear ... there is even a Xplod fan site still around. Check it out ===> http://www.xplodfan.com

"If peace and quiet OFFEND YOU, you've come to the right place. Sony Mobile XPLOD in-dash RECEIVERS, AMPLIFIERS and SPEAKERS  will RATTLE your EARDRUMS and DAZZLE your EYEBALLS!"

Apr 12, 2014

Bass Patrol! Vol. 4

More Pandisc and Joey Boy

What else to expect from Bass Patrol!? Check out the tracklist:

So I didn't go and upload every track on Youtube, we don't want to flood their servers with duplicates do we?? I only added the ones that weren't there yet. Like these two; I think they are Japanese release:

And the Bass Mekanik test section. Maybe you want to test your computer speakers...

About the artwork. More proof why digital sales keep going down: THERE'S NO ARTWORK. I can't tell you enough. That was part of the selling power. Here we receive a 5 page poster booklet.

(Recognize the booty on the right from Bass Check Vol. 1 ?)

The other side is 4 pages because page 5 is the cover. Recognize the Street Beat Krew cover?)

Enjoy LISTENING TO Bass Patrol! Vol. 4!!

Apr 11, 2014

Boom Tube - Television's Greatest Hits

Television tubes & woofers at risk!

The title gives it all away ofcourse; these are all tracks bas(s)ed on movies and television series. All these tracks were created, arranged, produced & televised by "The Staff at Debonaire Productions, Inc"!

I can hear you thinking: "The Staff at Debonaire Productions, Inc? So this must be an IBP release?".
No it's not. The sound and the artwork would make you think so but this is actually a Streetbeat Records release, with illustrations from Deryck Ragoonanan and art direction by ImagExpress, Miami, FL ... (these are the same people responsible for most of the DM Records artwork)

I really love this intro! (but not really a fan of the Gadget theme...)

Some serious sampling going on in this one:

Yeah man, Debonaire  really knows how to drop the bass!!!

And don't forget; if you like this kind of music, you can go to Debonaire's website @ http://www.debonairerecords.com/ and buy the latest releases or the old ones re-mastered and boosted. Like the Innovative Bass Collection! DO IT!

Apr 8, 2014

Bass Mekanik - Bass Ballin'

The crunk collection

I wanted to say "this is like a greatest hits collection" but that would not really be true; aren't all the Bass Mekanik's hits great?? I do know one thing: if you're a real Bass Mekanik fan like me, you're gonna want this cd if not only because it's a great addition to your collection. And if you're not the biggest Bass Mekanik fan, but you're looking for a great cd to put your woofers to the test, then you're also gonna want this cd because it IS just that: a booming cd with nothing but hot beats! They were selling like hot cakes from the Bass Mekanik's booth at this year's SBN...


You could also buy the digital version (from iTunes,Beatport,or Junodownload for instance) but the problem is there are only 11 tracks there, while the cd has 17 + a full test section!

Digital tracklist:


CD tracklist:

So that means the digital download doesn't have Pressure and Bass trap (from "Bass trap"),  Beatz a rokn, Six blok bass and Elektro Mekanik (from "808"), Tranquility bass and Rok the planet (from "Kontrol") and Low Problems (from "King of bass").

BUT the cd doesn't have Low roller (from "Kontrol") and Bass ballin lo & slo remix (from "Lowd slowd").

My advice? If you can find the cd, just get that one. You get the cool artwork AND you can still rip it yourself if you need digital files...

Apr 6, 2014

D.J. Laz - Bass XXX

Vol. I

I know I'm not about to tell you anything new but D.J. Laz is really a pro at making beats! There's not a lot of tracks on this cd (only 9) but they are all Miami bass as hell! Just take a listen to this one, with mad scratching from Exotic E!

That was his idea anyhow; make us experience "the true meaning of bass"...

Don't know where the XXX comes from really... from those 4 "XXX girls" snippets? Guess it's always a good theme in terms of sales anyhow... Now i've also seen an edited version on eBay. 

But I haven't heard it yet so I don't know the difference. "XXX Girls" has been chagned to "Bass girls"...

Back cover for "Bass XXX" regular version:

Back cover for "Bass XXX" edited version:

And to top it off, I've also seen an "explicit" version. Seems to be "XXX Bass" instead of "Bass XXX". Hmmm....

and Vol. II

 More heat in the same style!

Haven't seen any edited or explicit version for this one (yet) although the XXX girls are present on this CD again...

I will leave you people with another pic of XXX girl Julie Yonan, photographed by Dennis Bolanños

and one of the XXX girls from Vol.1, which is either Nicole, Cream or Passion. Photographed by Jose Gonzalez at Speaker Warehouse Florida

And one day I will return with DJ Laz' XXX Breaks...

UPDATE 23/04/2014

OK, so I managed to buy the "x-rated" XXX Brakes cd and wanted to share some pictures with you my loyal readers...


and also the 2 "XXX Girls" snippets that were removed for the later releases!