Sep 22, 2013

Feel The Bass Vol. 3

~Lowrider Madness~

Madness it is. Art direction by Toshiaki Ishii, Design & CG by Kazuhiro Osakabe.

Sep 18, 2013

Bass Yarou - BASS 野郎~壱

Whatever that means...

This cd is from 1996, released on Bad News Records Japan. I'm sure it's in the Bass Yarou series but I can't really figure out which volume... maybe Vol. 2. Good cd though. All Joey Boy Records tracks. See the tracklist:

Want to listen? CHECK HERE.

The Design & Illustration is done by ILLDOZER GRAPHUCK. The inside of the booklet has a "censored" cover ^^

I really like these cd's but I should start learning some Japanese language, because this doesn't make any sense... What is a "body' woofer"???

Well, "whatever man". See you guys around...

Sep 11, 2013

Dancemaster - # 02 R&B Bass

With lyrics sheet...

As promised I bring you Vol 2 in the Dancemaster series: R&B Bass. To tell you the truth, I think I had enough of R&B Bass for now. Now if YOU feel like some, you can always go HERE, but all I'm gonna do is post the lyrics so you can sing along!

Sep 7, 2013

Feel The Bass Vol. 1

~ Lower the dynamite ~

Another great Japanese release! I really love the cover (which was done by Toshiaki Ishii and  Kazuhiro Osakabe)  and the music is also booming... but how can it not boom? There are 15 Magic Mike tracks on this cd! 

Check out the tracklist:

Check out the YouTube:

Check out the music*:

Check out the obi and such:

And don't forget to

*Hint: it's a clickable pic

Sep 4, 2013

Vicious Base - The Ghost Is Back

Featuring D.J. Magic Mike!

Featuring? "All songs produced, arranged & mixed by: D.J. Magic Mike", so it's safe to say Vicious Base IS D.J. Magic Mike this time around... This was his second release for the Newtown Music Group and I gotta hand it to Mike, he was a beast in creating them jeep beats! Take a listen to my favorite cuts from this album:

Dope, right? But since this is a covers blog I should not forget to mention the artwork, which was done by Wayne Tillett,  a well known cartoonist for D.C. Comics! How cool is that...