Dec 31, 2011

Dec 29, 2011

Street Beat Krew - Check Ya Bass Vol. 1

Convertible bass check...

Cool "graf 'n' booty" cover on StreetBeat Records. 12 Tracks produced by Calvin L Mills II & Carlton Mills.

Here's 'Drop dat bass'

There's a few more clips on my YouTube channel HERE

Also on vinyl...

I found this huge poster on eBay, not signed to me ofcourse but a cool item nonetheless ;-)

Not enough? OK, then go HERE to get the whole shabang!

Dec 28, 2011

Covers Math Part 1 : "Addition"

Bass Overlords - License to bass

This is an awesome concept album by Todd Walker on the ever booming IBP label! As you listen to this cd you are taken into the world of "Bass Bond" and you start to feel as if you were watching a movie. Filled with samples from James Bond movies I think it took some time to master this together!
Here's 2 prime examples of what I'm talking about :

03. License to bass

07. Majesty's secret bass service

Cosmic Conspiracy 

Now this is one of those covers that show why I started this blog. Real ARTwork! I'm not saying what the cd is about, the inside liner notes say it all:

03. All systems standing by


Now THIS is a cover!! Real hardcore electro bass or as they call it "subterranean electro".

"And that's the end of lesson 1"

Dec 24, 2011

Pony Express Phase II

Hot Rod, Dogy & DJ Pantha

I know this is not an interesting cover, but I'm sure it's interesting anyhow. I wanted to share this cool tape and which better place than my blog. Nothing but classics being regulated on this one. Enjoy your Christmas evening with the Pony Express Phase II !

Side A

Side B

Dec 22, 2011

Cover Wars Part 4 - Bass Queen vs Bass Queen

Bass Queen - We are the bass champion

Believe it or not but this is a Queen greatest hits cd 'bass' remixed! And yes, it reads 'bass' because it's not the type of bass that we are used to. I'm sure they used a bass guitar to replay these song but that's about it lol.
You HAVE to listen to these tracks, hilarious!!

03. We are the champions

10. Bicycle race


DJ Baby Anne - Bass Queen : In The Mix

As you all probably know, she claims to be the bass queen ;-)

This CD can be downloaded for free courtesy of Baby Anne

Bass Queen: In The Mix by BABY ANNE

And the WINNER is... 

Quad Queen - Queen Of Quad 

Quad Queen, the leader and founder of a seductive group of ladies known as "The Dominatrix Bass Babes". These ladies were selected exclusively for their unsurpassed passion for bass.

The Quad Queen has 3 good reasons to win
  1. She "comes" with some crazy artwork (like this poster HERE)
  2. I like to think quad drops harder than bass
  3. The cd was conceived, arranged, produced and stir fried by the staff at Debonaire Productions, Inc. THAT alone makes her a winner!
09. Queen of quad 

12. The sound of me cumming

BTW, there was a contest inside, "Guess who is in the Kabuki disguise". Do YOU know who??

17. Rock my sugar walls

Also, be on the lookout for 'Bass Purple - Miami black night" and "Bass Zeppelin - Stairway to bass heaven"!!

Dec 19, 2011

Bass Spin Vol. 4

Winter Special

OK, guys (and girls), I've been waiting for the right time to drop this one and NOW is the time. A perfect CD to listen to together with your loved ones on the first day of Christmas...

07. The superstition of Jingle Bell

NOT!! And where's the bass?? Oh yeah, I almost forgot about the live analog mega bass played by Camagisaw Man, you know the one we all learned to love from THESE releases.
This might even be the 'best' track on the CD

02. Autumn leaves

You don't believe me? I dare you to listen to the whole thing HERE

More 'Bass Spin'

Dec 16, 2011

Gangsta Bass Alliance - Work Me Down (To Da Draws)

A HOT production

When I first bought this cd years ago I didn't like it THAT much but actually it's a rather good one in the finest of Miami bass styles. If you don't believe me take a look overHERE

This was always my favorite cut :

06. Work me down (to da' draws)

Dec 14, 2011

Sequal - Stand By

You might not know but I'm a real Joey Boy Records fan. And exactly THAT is why I bought this record; the cool Joey Boy label cover!

Sequal - Stand by (Al Fuentes mix)

Dec 13, 2011

Food For Woofers Volume 3

"The ultimate bass"

This is Volume 3 from the Food For Woofers series out of Holland. I posted this one because it has a cool shiny silver cover and artwork, not because there's good bass on it (well, there might be bass on it, but not the type we all enjoy, unless ofcourse you're into early hardstyle?). The scan doesn't really show the "cool shiny silver cover" so I'll try again with a photo...

These are the best 2 tracks I could scrape out of it (King Tee fans, check out  the 2nd one)

03. Bass monster

08. Ninja bass

 You want more? HERE is your food ;-)

Dec 12, 2011

The Boom Squad - The Big Boom Theory

Strange world...

 ... you can say that again. I think it's a rather strange cd. If this was the "quality bass music" blog I wouldn't be posting this, but since it's a "bass covers" blog it fits perfectly. Take a listen...

04. The big boom theory

06. Star whores

If you think you are up for it, you can get some more HERE

Dec 9, 2011

DJ Billy E - Bass Electronica

IBP 0025

Very good cd by DJ Billy E on the incredible Innovative Bass Productions label. I think it has a real cool cover. Everytime I look at it I can't help but think of the Silver Surfer shaking his booty! Here are a few previews but if you want to buy the cd you can still get it HERE

03. Get it on (Featuring Erica)

10. Work your body

Some of the tracks from 'Bass electronica' can also be found on the DJ Billy E 'Nightmare on bass street' compilations. Not the IBP ones but the ones released on Bass Mekanik records. Take a look HERE and HERE if you're interested.

Dec 3, 2011

Feel The Bass Vol. 5

~Let the bass go!~

This is a compilation with all Attitude Records artists like Captain Quad, C.C. Lemon Head, DJ Trans and more, 18 tracks in total. The art direction & Design was done by Yukihisa Okada. If you know you like it, you can go directly HERE. Otherwise, here's some samples

04. Quad Master Uno - Inside da mix

08. C. C. Lemon Head - Lemon drop