Jan 31, 2012

DJ Wuzisname - Operation: Bass

Here's a little something new from bassmekanik.com.

"Equal parts sound design, video game soundtrack and ambient techno, the debut album from DJ WUZISNAME showcases the arrival of a new and original talent in the world of bass music. Some broken beat programming and a hint of dubstep added to the flavor."
Released 08 January 2012 
Here's a sample. Go to bandcamp to hear more and buy the tracks.

Jan 30, 2012

Bass Patrol! Vol. 18

This one is dangerous for boomers!

Another nice compilation from Cutting Edge's Bass Patrol! series. Not just Joey Boy and Pandisc releases anymore but different flavours. Even a few (unreleased?) tracks by Debonaire!

18. Debonaire & Ballistic Billy - Sexy lady

19. Debonaire & Ballistic Billy - U freak it

The rest is up to you. YouTube or ITube??



Jan 24, 2012

DJ Magic Mike - Bass Bowl

The many faces of bass bowl

This is Magic Mike's (I don't know how many cd's this guy released!) release. But I have to say, it's another banger! This one got everything: fast beats, jeep beats, booty beats, jazz breaks, crazy cuts and OFCOURSE a little something something for the booming system!! No idea which ones I had to pick for your listening pleasure so I just took some different styles, like track no 2,the fast paced "Who am I?"!

and this jeep beat jammy, track 3; "Keep on"

But do you know what is the most interesting part of the Bass bowl?? No? It's the vinyl release! Take a look:

And? What do you think? Was I lying?? Listen to track 11, "Mo booty" while your admiring the records

I'm sure you are now left with only one question; "What is the bowl?". Well, let me explain that to you, on the following promo cd they have removed ALL of the bass, to leave you with only the bowl!

This is an exclusive for my loyal readers, so if you have a friend with a booming system, slip THIS in his player and tell him his system ain't shit ;-D


13. Listen to the system

Don't forget the Japanese version of Bass Bowl was already posted on this blog. Click the cover to go to the original post.

Jan 19, 2012

Black Eye Records - Bass Attack!

Once upon a time there was bass...

Very good cd but more a "Best of Black Eye Records" with tracks from the M.C. Boo and M.C. Madness cd's. Featuring DruMajor's take on "Drop the bass" and the very cool "Bass, can U say that?" by D.J. Trickmaster.

04.  M.C. Madness & D.J. DruMajor - Drop the bass

11. D..J Trickmaster - Bass, can U say that?

You can check out the full cd on the Miami bass history YouTube page!

You can also get the full scale Bass attack! HERE

Jan 14, 2012

Bass Creations - Volume 6

A perfect cd for this blog

AND there are some BOOMING tracks on this one. What more could we want??

01. Mechanical bass

04. Teen beat bass

You still don't believe me?? Then take a look at THIS

Jan 11, 2012

Bass Rocket Vol. 4

Time to launch another bass rocket!

Nothing but J-Bass on this. Maybe I should say 'drum n j-bass'. All songs written, composed & produced by D.J. Kimura.
Ofcourse you should know by now that J-Bass is always a little "diff'rent", right? I also don't understand some of the titles. Track 9 is a megamix called "Nonstop the megabass" including these tracks : crash the gold - vide bass - pumpu up da bass - erotic fantasy - hyper tech bass - escape from the white man - don't get snotty & hyper tech dance. Weird! Don't you agree??
Here's the YouTube playlist:

The megabass mix was too long to upload on YouTube so I put it on zippyshare

09-AudioTrack 09.mp3

I have an idea, why don't you take a look HERE or HERE to see more of the artwork from Richard Etienne for Quest Graphics.

Jan 9, 2012

Miami Bass History @ tumblr.

If you're not just here for the covers, but you're also interested in Miami bass as a whole, then don't forget to check out the Miami Bass History blog now and then OVERHERE @ tumblr.
I just did an interesting piece about the Vicious Base tracks that were removed from D.J. Magic Mike's "and the Royal Posse" album.
C U there ;-)

Jan 8, 2012

The Many Colours Of Pandisc - Sampler 1996

The bass hits factory...

From what I've heard, many of the artists who recorded for Pandisc don't think of it too highly, but for us fans it's a different story. They released many great bass records and cd's. This here highlights what they had to offer in 1996. There's some very forgettable stuff  but also a lot of classics, like these 2:

11. Bass Tribe - Dance like a freak


15. Splack Pack - Scrub da ground 


If you REALLY want to listen to the whole thing, you know where to find me...

You know what? I'll save you the trouble, just go HERE

Jan 7, 2012

Bad Boys Of Bass

Featuring Magic Mike & Quadmaster Uno

It says "featuring" but the Bad Boys Of Bass "ARE" DJ Magic Mike & Quadmaster Uno. Some boomin' tracks on this cd (12 that is) but what else could you have expected if these 2 join hands, or should I say join bass??

Here's a nice "take" on Ice-T 's Reckless

06. Turntable wizard

And the party starter of the album

08. Work dat body

As you can see their bass is BOOMING!

All scratches by DJ Magic Mike ofcourse. Art direction and design by FPD3. And if you really liked these samples, HERE you can find some more of the boys.

This cd was also released in Japan by Nippon Crown, you know, the people that gave us the "Bass in Your Face" collection. Different cover and 14 tracks...


So as you can see 2 more than the American release; "Work dat body (Club mix") and "Work dat body (Instrumental)". Those 2  can be found on the Wrap Records maxi cd or vinyl 12"...

Jan 5, 2012

Bass Patrol! Vol. 1

It's a new year and the covers just don't stop coming!

As you might have noticed I put a link in the feedback box to listen to the full cd on YouTube!

Like this:

But what if you're not a YouTube fan??

Well, very simple, go overHERE

'Till next time...