Jan 24, 2012

DJ Magic Mike - Bass Bowl

The many faces of bass bowl

This is Magic Mike's (I don't know how many cd's this guy released!) release. But I have to say, it's another banger! This one got everything: fast beats, jeep beats, booty beats, jazz breaks, crazy cuts and OFCOURSE a little something something for the booming system!! No idea which ones I had to pick for your listening pleasure so I just took some different styles, like track no 2,the fast paced "Who am I?"!

and this jeep beat jammy, track 3; "Keep on"

But do you know what is the most interesting part of the Bass bowl?? No? It's the vinyl release! Take a look:

And? What do you think? Was I lying?? Listen to track 11, "Mo booty" while your admiring the records

I'm sure you are now left with only one question; "What is the bowl?". Well, let me explain that to you, on the following promo cd they have removed ALL of the bass, to leave you with only the bowl!

This is an exclusive for my loyal readers, so if you have a friend with a booming system, slip THIS in his player and tell him his system ain't shit ;-D


13. Listen to the system

Don't forget the Japanese version of Bass Bowl was already posted on this blog. Click the cover to go to the original post.


  1. Do you actually have that store promo copy? I would really get a kick out of listening to that. Those tracks with the bass removed? Very interesting, if you could...