Mar 30, 2020

Maximum Boom For Your System


So since the time I posted THIS, I finally managed to gather all 4 volumes of Maximum Boom For Your System. To celebrate this joyous occasion, I will present you all scans for this series.

Mar 8, 2020

La Compilation Mega Bass 2

Techno - House - Euro Dance

Back with volume 2. Like I said before, it's just the colorful covers that attracted me to this series, because muscically this one has wayyyyy too much hardstyle bass on it. Not my cup of coffee. You can listen to the album on my Youtube channel HERE

But as it has always been, it takes a lot of weeding out to find good music and the last 2 tracks from "Tuner 93" are not bad at all though! 

"Warm Drum" has a dubby UK breakbeat sound to it:

And "Warning" could almost be on Bass Mekanik's Jazz album.

MIND IT! I said "almost"!