Sep 7, 2019

Music Regulators

The  DJ Documentary

To everybody that's interested in hip hop history, dj history, and especially Miami BASS history, you have to pick up this DVD! Documented for the first time is the unacknowledged history of South Florida dj'ing and mic checking. Without them there would be no Crunk, without them there would be no Screwed music, no slowed down music, ...



Apr 6, 2019

Latin Booty Party 2

The party doesnt stop!!

After the succes of Latin Booty Party, DM Records HAD to release another volume! This time the cover artwork was done by Dennis Friel.

Turn up the bass and PARTY!


Mar 13, 2019

Bass From Tha Hood - Turn that sh?t up!

Jeep beats

What I have here is a rather rare Always Fresh Records release produced by Rod XL. 
Strictly Jeep Beats! (minus one)

This is the minus one:

 And this is the plus one:

This has been a Rhythmatical Rhyme Recording with cover design & graphics by Marc Pomeroy.

I have been checking the internets but I don't think all releases mentioned here were released!

Feb 24, 2019

Latin Booty Party

Continuous mix

Well... mix ? ... More fade in - fade out, not mixed by a professional, that I can tell you.

It's rather rare, so that's why I posted it here for my loyal fans.
As with most DM Records, the artwork was done by Deryck Ragoonanan for ImagExpress