Apr 21, 2020

Tsutaya Records Presents Bass 野郎

Bad News Records

Tsutaya Records, Bad News Records, I have no idea what is going on here anymore. I do know that it's an earlier release in the "Bass 野郎" series (or "Bass Ya Low", sometimes "Bass 'Yarou'") from 1998; BN-109. I also know that it's not a bad compilation. Only 12 tracks but a variety of bass styles. Definately not a bad start for somebody who is just getting to know the genre.

Here's a selection:

(Was this released after the succes of DJ Laz' 'Mami el negro'?)

Ofcourse I initially bought this mainly for the cool cover. I'm trying to complete the "Bass 野郎" series also, but the cover is really the reason why I love these Japanese releases.

The back cover has a blue van. Rush paintjob after the heist???

Apr 3, 2020

Maximum Bass For Your System 2

BASS, not Boom!

That's right, Maximum BASS, not Maximum Boom. This CD is released by Valentine Sound Productions, Kuala Lumpur and not Pandisc, but it does feature 14... yep, Pandisc tracks!

Nothing groundbreaking here but a rare find for sure! Unfortunately the thing with rare finds is that you can't be picky, because I really wonder why they stamped holes in the cover???

Friends, please message me if you can help me find VOLUME 1!