Jan 29, 2013

Dancemaster - #01 Extra Bass

Nonstop Megamix

Unfortunately you can't really see it here but this cd came with a cool shiny cover. Released in 1999 by Sony Music Japan. There's a little bit of Miami bass on it, a little bit of freestyle and a little bit of bull.

A little bit of Miami bass:

A little bit of Freestyle:

A little bit of Bull:


This one's not so bad. Be on the lookout for Dancemaster #02 R&B Bass!!

*play at your own risk

Jan 26, 2013

Maximum Boom Vol. 1

Jet sound

Funny cd. Only 7 tracks and cat. n° = PD-JET. Nothing new either; Beat Dominator, Bass Tribe and Bass Mekanik. I really wonder what that was about: "Jet Sound"... time to start digging.... Or do you know? Then don't keep it to yourself man, holler!!

Jan 23, 2013

DJ Droppin - Droppin Beats 'Low 'N Slow'

I told you meng!

I told you I'd have to update here on a daily! Another Bass Mekanik Records bomb; slooooooow and looooooow with DJ Droppin

What to buy now, what to buy...


Jan 22, 2013

DJ Kizzy Rock - Grand Champion



Drops today on itunes, amazon mp3, google play, xbox music, spotify an many more...its the return of the atown classic grandchampion packed wit many unreleased hits it's GRANDCHAMPION RELOADED if u remember 559 its a must have!!!!

From what I can see so far it's gonna be a great year for bass music! Not only did we see DJ Billy E return with his Tuner Beats, and Mega Jon Bass with Miami Bass, but now DJ Kizzy Rock reloads his Grand Champion... I gotta be updating here daily! 
OK, I guess it's more like a "best of" release but still, Grand Champion was a great cd! Remember?

GET IT! Get it?

Jan 21, 2013

Beat Dominator - Bass Station Zero


How you love that? When I first saw this cover on eBay I had to rub my eyes to check if I was seeing it correctly. Is it a bad picture or a fucked up scan? No, it's the real deal. A Beat Dominator double cd! Released in France in 1994 on the Private Beats/Musidisc label.

Now I knew they had already released this:

Which is the French release of Beat Dominator's Bass Station Zero (Techno-Bass 2). You know, this one on Pandisc Records:

(also released on vinyl)

But I guess they couldn't get enough of the man so they released it again as a double cd. Disc 1 is "Bass Station Zero" and Disc 2 is "Techno Bass"...

...Beat Dominator's 1992 Pandisc release:

(also released on vinyl)

Well, we can't blame you Musidisc, we also can't get enough of the Dominator's sounds...

Jan 18, 2013

Miami Bass Volume 1 - Jiggle Jiggle

Straight from da bottom

Now here we have a really good bass cd, released by East West Japan Inc. 10 Rare tracks produced by DJ Spin featuring artists like Disco Rick, Gucci Crew 2, LA Sno and DJ Uncle Al amongst others. I'm not sure but I think this is the Japanese release of DJ Spin's Booty Party album. Take a listen, I'm sure you'll like it...

But do you know what I also like about this cd?? Do you remember Bass Rocket 4? I really have this feeling they used the same photoshoot for the cover artwork ^^

Follow me:

Miami Bass Vol-1

Bass Rocket 4

(hmmm, I wonder what happened to the anchor...)

Miami Bass Vol-1

Bass Rocket 4

Miami Bass Vol-1

Bass Rocket 4

Are you still with me? Last one:

Miami Bass Vol-1

Bass Rocket 4

I rest my case. 


Megajon Bass - The Return Of Miami Bass


That's right! The Iceman is back with BASS! This one hits even harder than his previous one!
CHECK IT OUT on Reverbnation:


Jan 16, 2013

DJ Billy E - Tuner Beats 3

With bonus low and slow mixes!!!

That's right my friends! The man with the van is back for round 3, and here's what he has to say: 

Whats up everybody? Tuner Beats 3 has arrived !!!! You get 22 tracks that include the original versions and the low and slow versions of all the tracks plus the bonus track Bass Beat only found on the I Tunes version. This album is not to be missed. I have produced the lowest Bass I have ever recorded in the history of my carrer with Bass dropping down to 2 HZ !!!!! Check out Speaker Blues, Tesla Bass Beats, and Beats 4 My Van 3.
Did you read that? Available on over 500 sites but only on ITunes you get the bonus track. Can't say I'm an I fan myself but the choice is yours...
Here's the link to ITunes:

Juno Preview:

Or download site of your choice, as long as you buy the damn thing...


Jan 15, 2013

Bass Poets - Bass Boom Booty

With special guest: Mr. Mixx

...and also produced by Mr. Mixx as you can see. I thought the Bass Poets to be a Mr. Mixx pseudonym but it seems they are Mr. Mixx, Big Ike, Shotgun and No Way Jose; never heard of them before... If YOU know more about this group, feel free to give a comment.The album artwork is done by Marlon Pacheco and the cd is released by DM Records.


Jan 12, 2013


Maybe a little something you can ask for your birthday?

These helpful tips came from this CD.

Jan 9, 2013

Professor Boom & The B.A.S.S.S.*

*Bi Amplified Sub Sonic System

I like the cover but the music is so/so, just another bass cd like they had so many in the 90's I guess (this one's from 93).


And what do YOU think about this cd?