May 29, 2012

Quad Force - Feel The Real Bass

Thank you
Keep the QUAD

The second full length release on Attitude Records (ATTD-14002). This is a real classic so I'm sure you must have heard or seen this one before, but with a cover like this, how can I not post it??

If you don't know this cd, or you want to listen to it again, go ahead, it's right here:

and HERE also.

The interesting thing about this cd is that it was released before on Underwood Records. This original release was only available on cassette tape and had differenet tracks on it. It is said that these were not  included in  the Attitude Records album because of sample clearance issues. Take a look at the differences:

There's some true gems on the tape. Like this one: "Sub zero", which can be found as a remix on the Attitude release.

And "Cars with the stolen system (my system is boomin)", a clear reply to L.L. Cool J's "The boomin' system".

You know what, listen to the whole Underwood release OK? Take a look HERE!

UP NEXT: The Party Boyz


May 20, 2012

Bass Maximizer

Ein Spitzen-Klangerlebnis!

This is supposed to be a high end sampler with ultra deep subbass down to 15 Hz that can push your car hifi system to the extremes; hitmaterial guaranteed!


Yeah right!! ^^ I'll take a Bass Mekanik cd instead of this one ANY day if I want to test some speakers! 

Out of 10 songs I couldn't find one good one! 

OK, I really want to put something here so let's give this one a shot then:

05. Listen to me

But it's not all bad. From the inlay we can learn which items we need in order to listen to Dolby Surround Sound!

And since they were so proud that John Patitucci, the American bass legend plays bass guitar on bonus track 10, I just CAN'T exclude it from my blog!

10. Bass trap (Bonus track)

If this made you warm to hear some more United Sound cd's, here are their other releases:

May 18, 2012

D.J. Fury - Competition Bass

Return of da king

This was Fury 's return to the bass game in 2006. A really great cd. I'm sure most of you, just like me, are waiting and hoping for his re-return in 2012 but for now we can still enjoy this one. Take a listen, just the intro alone is fire!!

I think you get the picture? Now I don't want to post too many songs because like the man said, you should go to WWW.DJFURYONLINE.COM and get your own copy, but here's another banger to get you convinced:

09. Whose bass is this

All tracks produced, arranged, engineered, edited, mixed and mastered by D.J. Fury for Furious Productions.

 I also have this cover:

"Yeah right! That's the same but in black and white!" you're gonna say. Well, that's right, but what actually makes it cool is that it came with this cd:

"Compitetion bass" by DJ Fury & K $mooth

It's the same thing but released by K $mooth (who wrote and performed the main rap vocals on "Competition bass") via Listen to K $mooth go to work:

11. Flippin doors

OK, one last song, maybe my favorite of the album, but after that, when you want to hear more, you'll have to go to DJFURYONLINE, ok?

13. Old school bass

May 14, 2012

Bass Patrol! Vol. 11

It's been a long time...

... I hit you with a "Bass Patrol!" cd. So for today, I present Volume 11. 

Now, what do we have on this one?

Well, to start with, enough women in thongs so that's already + points (On the front cover by the way we have Zee from One Eyed Jack Co., Ltd. posing as "Bass gal"). Then on the cd we have the usual Joey Boy and Pandisc Records tracks, with some added flavour by Blunt Recordings (Kinsu), Intersound (Lil' Suzy) , Quality Records (Jonny Z) and the Conquest Music Group (C.M.B.).

OK, later on you'll have enough opportunities to listen to the whole thing, but for now I would like to focus your attention on a few tracks;

03. White Bread - Shake dem cheeks (Produced by Debonaire)

08. Half Pint - Pony ride

Good stuff right? Say, does anybody know what they are explaining here? What are you supposed to do?

(Yeah I know; "Rock the house y'all" ^^) Here's Jealous J!

10. Dawgzillaz - City boy slide

I won't keep you in suspense anymore ^^ 


a) Listen to the cd via my tube on YouTube here:


b) Listen to the cd on a tube of your preference after going HERE

May 12, 2012


Beyond the bass

Talking bout IBP; have you seen the good news?? IBP is back online with their complete catalog for sale. Including "Bass from the Krypt". One of the most wanted bass cd's since the days of the internet!

Click the pic to go straight to their website and get your goodies!! 

May 10, 2012

Alien Bass - The Drop Phenomenon

It's Debonaire music!

Yet another bass bomb unconceived, unproduced and unmixed by the staff at Debonaire Productions with highway sample robbery by the Faceless Italian. This is an incredible (electro)bass cd filled with sci-fi themed tracks like "Close encounterz", "Flying saucerz", "ET... phone home", "Debonaire's UFO" and many more. You even get version 2 of Dynamix II 's classic "Arrival of bass"!

III. The arrival of bass (V 2.0)

Not bad huh? Here's another banger:

XII. Evacuate immediately

GOOD SH#T!! But what did you expect?? It's IBP!!!!

What? You want to listen to some more alien bass? OK. I understand. Take a look HERE.

May 5, 2012

Bass Tech DXJ - Bass Lander

Rettung des Bass Planeten!!

Dies ist die zweite CD von Bass Tech DXJ auf Pandisc Schallplatten. Es ist eine sehr gute CD mit vielen sehr großen Hits wie "Bass Es Is Gut!", "Sprechen Sie Bass?", "Bass Bumschludged" und "Langsam (Nicht Zu Schnell)". Ich versichere ihnen, es ist die richtige CD für alle Bass Partei People in der Welt. 

Also, Sie glauben mir nicht?? Hören Sie hier, den CD auf YouTube. 
Aber Vorsicht!! Diese Version wurde gefiltert und gemastert von Bassotronics den Infraschall des Albums zu steigern.


Und? Das war gut, nicht war? OK, OK, ich weiß; "Ich habe nicht die Nummer 14 gehört". Bassotronics hat der vergessen. Also hier is die Original Version.

14. Bass moor


Bis zum nächsten mal. Tschüss!!

UPDATE 06/05/2012

Bassotronics hat jetzt auch den track 14 hochgeladen ^^

May 3, 2012

Ultimate Bass-N-Boom Volume 1

"From the label that started it all!!"

This 1994 Dynamix II Records sampler features selected tracks from their releases D9001 to D9016. Take a look at what they had for sale that year:

Did anybody reading this buy the poster or calendar?? Wonder what the Dynamix II bassmate looked like...

Listen to Ultimate bass-n-boom: