May 14, 2012

Bass Patrol! Vol. 11

It's been a long time...

... I hit you with a "Bass Patrol!" cd. So for today, I present Volume 11. 

Now, what do we have on this one?

Well, to start with, enough women in thongs so that's already + points (On the front cover by the way we have Zee from One Eyed Jack Co., Ltd. posing as "Bass gal"). Then on the cd we have the usual Joey Boy and Pandisc Records tracks, with some added flavour by Blunt Recordings (Kinsu), Intersound (Lil' Suzy) , Quality Records (Jonny Z) and the Conquest Music Group (C.M.B.).

OK, later on you'll have enough opportunities to listen to the whole thing, but for now I would like to focus your attention on a few tracks;

03. White Bread - Shake dem cheeks (Produced by Debonaire)

08. Half Pint - Pony ride

Good stuff right? Say, does anybody know what they are explaining here? What are you supposed to do?

(Yeah I know; "Rock the house y'all" ^^) Here's Jealous J!

10. Dawgzillaz - City boy slide

I won't keep you in suspense anymore ^^ 


a) Listen to the cd via my tube on YouTube here:


b) Listen to the cd on a tube of your preference after going HERE

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