Nov 11, 2016

Cover Wars Part 8 - Bass Construction VS Recone Kit

Who can work it best??

Bass Construction?

Ofcourse we all now Albert Cabrera, the One Rascal from the Latin Rascals, knows how to work his beats. And we have seen many times that he knows how to drop the bass! The Bass Construction cd (with artwork design by Lonnie Lopez & Ric Garcia, and released on Thump Records) has a lot of breakbeat heavy tracks on it! The pace really picks up as from track 7: Smerphies dance...

and you might go into a breakdance frenzy with trakcs 8 and 9...


Recone Kit?

The faceless Italian Debonaire gives us more loop theft and speaker damage on this release! With 15 tracks this cd (with cover design and graphics by Coral Reef Design) is actually NO joke, because Debonaire is armed with a sampler and dangerous...

and the bass he creates is so wicked,

you will be left with busted out woofers...

and some assembly will be required.

Hence the Recone Kit!

So? Who's the winner?? 

I think i will go for...

Bass Foundation


With artwork by Vivian Galainena for Alto Design.
Bass demolition instead of bass construction; much more fun isn't it?