Jun 20, 2016


1 Down - 2 To go

For a few years now, me, and other collectors have been wanting to find out which are the unknown IBP releases 3, 5 and 10. 

So finally, thanks to Discogs and a friendly seller from Sweden, I finally got my hands on IBP-0010. Unfortunately for "all of us", IBP-0010 is exactly the same as IBP-0011, which is "The best of I.B.P."... Only difference is the barcode and the cd color. Check the pics; # 10 on top, # 11 at bottom...

Still I'm very pleased with this find. Now it's just # 3 and # 5 to go. If you are reading this and you have one of those 2, please hit me up will ya?

Jun 18, 2016

dB Heaven

Car Hi-Fi Demo


Here we have a cd with "rap along" kinda beats. This could be like the "Beats, breaks & scratches" of bass. A lot of samples here. How many do YOU recognize?

Like? This album was released on Ex-It Records. You can find the other tracks on my YouTube channel right HERE.

Jun 7, 2016

Bass Quake


Some time ago I bought this Neurodisc release in an effort to complete my collection but when it arrived I was a little disappointed. OK, "normal" people would not be because it arrived in great condition and all but upon closer look I realised it was a reprint, from the time Neurodisc was distributed by Priority Records. So you gotta look for the CD-31003 (3rd album release on the label) and not the P2-50614 (clearly a Priority Records number).

I thought I'd let you know, so you don't get fooled when you're buying online...

The Priority cover is a single paper while the original one is double:

  • Neurodisc:


  • Priority

Back cover difference:

  • Priority

  • Neurodisc

And the cd's; Neurodisc and Priority


But the music is the same on both releases