Jan 23, 2021

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Bass Sonic

 "The complete set"



These CD's were released by Universal Victor, Inc., Japan. I always regretted the music sucks in this series (I do admit that is a matter of opinion and maybe YOU like it!). Like with most (if not all) Japanese Bass releases they really gave the customer nice packaging.

I will share all 5 volumes with download links so you can enjoy the series for yourself. Every volume had a specific theme for the music choice.

Have fun!



DL ===> Bass Sonic Vol. 01 - Eurobeat Mega Bass!


DL ==>  Bass Sonic Vol. 02 - Super Action Mega Bass!

DL ==> Bass Sonic Vol. 03 - Midnight Adult Mega Bass!


















DL ==> Bass Sonic Vol 04 - Police Action Mega Bass!




















Back cover advertisement from Lowrider Magazine Japan 1999, no 33


DL ==> Bass Sonic Vol. 05 - Horror