Jun 28, 2011

Love Love Bass


Cool music ...

04. Nikol Williams - I'm diggin' you

01. Mac'n Lomax feat. Pinky - I want u babe

Want more?? Take a look HERE

Jun 27, 2011

Cover Wars Part 1 UPDATE

Bass Wars !!!

I recently came across this incredible cd on ebay ! If you want to find out who really won the battle head over to K Smooth 's ebay page and get yourself a copy NOW ! 


Jun 26, 2011

Jun 18, 2011

Joey Boy

Bass Yarou Vol. 7

Bass yarou stands for Bass addicted ...














Crazy cover though ! With a lot of artwork

There's even a printable "make it yourself" boomcar included. If you want to make one you can download HERE

01. OPS - Planet rock

Jun 14, 2011

Bass Mekanik - King Of Bass

The Bass Mekanik And Incriminator Audio Team Up !

This cd is straight up BOOMING ! Support your bass artists and get yourself a copy today.
Check out the Incriminator Audio Facebook page for more info : http://www.facebook.com/incriminator?sk=wall

Bass In Your Face Vol. 3

Even More Magic Mike

This is the "Bass Bowl" album and 3 tracks from "Bass is the name of the game"

03. Who am I

17. Just get on down and rock

Jun 11, 2011

Speaker Wreckin' Bass

BOOMTOWN Compilation

Cool compilation produced by Bass Master Khan

02. Turbo "J" - The bass that ate my speaker

06. Bassforce One - Speaker wreckin' bass

Jun 9, 2011

Super Bass

Nothing but classics on this one

02. MC A.D.E. - Bass rock express

Cover Wars Part 1 - M&M vs Bass Man

D.J. Magic Mike - Bass Is How It Should Be Done

05. Bass check I

06. Bass check II (from Bass The Final Frontier)

Bass Man - This Is The Way It's Done

05. Magic dike

And the winner is ...

Captain Quad the Bass Destroyer ! 

07. Bass destroyer


To Be Continued ...

Jun 7, 2011

Techmaster P.E.B. - Tech Nolo G

Don't forget to support the bass artists that are still keeping it down, like Techmaster P.E.B. with his latest offering Tech Nolo G

If you want to buy a copy take a look at his blog and find out how :


Bass Spin Vol. 2

Featuring "Live Analog Mega Bass"

05. Miami bass crew (you gotta listen to this, they explain how to make Miami bass)

10. Murder weapon "live analog mega bass"

Maybe next time I'll upload track 15. Horror of the cat !

Jun 6, 2011

Miami Bass Express

Full Steam Ahead !

Just in today. Another great cover by Lamar Johnson. I've been having the vinyl for ages so it's cool to find out the cd has a lot of extended versions. I guess you're never to old to learn ...

Check this out at over 12 min :

04. Are you with me out there ?

Serious booms!! Man this is really a Classic with a capital C!

Another 11 minutes long banger:

And whilst we talk about classic let's not forget about Lamar "I used ta' live right next to the trax" Johnson's artwork!

Jun 4, 2011

Bass Dates

Includes BASS FREAKS calendar !

Download the Bass Freaks calendar HERE

12. Low rider

DJ Magic Mike - Bass Is The Name Of The Game

Classic Cover Time

Maybe not the most bassest song on the cd but I can't get enough of this one :

01. The house of Magic

Jun 3, 2011


Wish I could get my hands on some of these items ...

Bass Patrol! Vol.5

Find The Differences ...

Looks a lot like Joey Boy's Bass Check 1

With Japanese cd's you always get your money worth when it comes to artwork

 02. Volume 11 - Criminal bass (Hard whip mix)

Find other tracks from the cd HERE

Jun 2, 2011

Booty Bass In Ya Face !

More Bootys ...

Track listing on the cd is the correct one.

05. Madd Blunted - Shake it

13. Shake G - Freak for the money

Booty bass on YouTube

Jun 1, 2011

Bass Rocket Vol. 3

More Bass Rocket

Does anybody know what "uluti" means ?? ;-D

03. Womanizer - Erotic fantasy

Oh hell, listen to the whole thing:

UPDATE 31/01/12

Came to think of it this cover reminds me of DJ Nasty Knock 's "Bass, bumps + nasty pumps

Very good cd! Like all cd's on Street Street Communications. Here's my 2 favorite tracks

01. Bass, bumps + nasty pumps

08. Pumps & bumps