Dec 30, 2014

Ultimate Bass Volume Two

Enter the zone

Here's a rather interesting release. Probably my last post of the year. This cd caught my eye on eBay for two reasons; the cover looked rather cool + I had never seen this one before. Upon closer inspection I noticed this is the second release from MadTracker. I hear you thinking; "MadTracker?". MadTracker released one cd already which is available from CDBaby. These are the release notes for that first release: "MadTracker composes some of the most radical bass songs around, yet keeps a sense of melody and rythm like nobody else. There are 3 bonus tracks on this CD (track 14, 15, & 16) Enjoy!" And here's a customer's comment: "If you love Techmaster P.E.B.s music, this is the cd for you. Now that Techmaster P.E.B. hasn't made any new cds, Madtracker is the perfect clone to that Techmaster sound." I knew now I could easily buy this without fear of buying a pig in a poke.

My favorite tracks:

Track 1 "Ultimate bass"; a bass test from 10 Hz to 80 Hz starts at 1:46!

Track 2  "Let the bass back" has a Techmaster P.E.B-like piano playing but the beat has a StreetBeat Records release feeling...

Track 4 "Basswaves SubSonic"; this one's really for cruising!

I do feel the album starts of really well but it get's a little less exciting as it progresses. Tracks 7 is not bad...

If you feel like checking out the rest of the album go to my YouTube channel and ENJOY THE BASS! Oh yeah, the artwork and design were done by J Robert and T Czerwinski. Peace!

Dec 27, 2014

Techmaster P.E.B. - Ampology: The Bass Of

A collection of early classics and new millenium material!

"The greatest compliment that an artist can receive, is that even ONE of their fans "get it". The listener hears what the artist is saying musically. I am continuously trying to make music that is timeless, and has no boundaries. It is extremely satisfying that my early works continue to be used today in MTV programming. Techmaster tracks have been featured with diverse artists such as Busta Rhymes, Christina Aguilera, Eminem, Foo Fighters, Britney Spears, Snoop Dog, Ludacris, Janet Jackson, Jennifer Lopez, Lenny Kravitz & more.
Many fans have compared listening to my C.D.'s as to being in a movie! With my tracks, I have always tried to keep the listener guessing. As a former D.J., I love "breaks". I will perform a composition of nice melodies, and then slam into a tight and heavy Hip Hop breakdown. Other times, it's solely bass hits, with a melodic change at the end of the song. In mixing Techmaster music, every new and high-tech innovation is used. Even the sound itself is exciting. Bouncing multiple sounds from left to right with Holographic processors creates a virtual audio experience like no other. Some of the lowest frequencies are much too low to be heard, they can only be felt. With 10 - 15 " speakers, you are able feel the bass, and hear the sounds! This is THE Techmaster P.E.B. audible explosion!
But the one thing that remains the most important to me is the melody, or tune in a track. We live in an age where anyone can buy a keyboard, or use a computer to easily cut and paste pre-programmed basslines, patterns & beats together instead of composing something original. That's fine, but as it says in one of my favorite songs, DSTM, DON'T STOP THE MUSIC!!!
In this Ampology, a collection of early classics and new Millennium material, I assure you, the Music will not stop!
Peace & Love to all my fans- P.E.B."

18 Tracks on this 2003 release. 4 Of them are new (at the time). These are the new ones:

If you don't know about Techmaster P.E.B. yet this compilation is a good album to start with. And if you already DO know about Techmaster P.E.B. this compilation is also a good album for you because you will be remembering all those hits he made... Take a look:

Bass 4 Bassheadz

100 % Bass Satisfaction

Volume 2 - Maximum Bass

Volume 3 - Bass Blowout

Volume 4 - Platinum Bass Collection

[Yeah I know, my cover lost some color :( ]

Volume 5 - Millenium Bass Mix

 Neurodisc Official T-Shirt

Dec 25, 2014

Bassotronics - Piano Jams For Bass Lovers

A compilation of Bassotronics bass tracks with piano


I told you I had 2 more cd's I wanted to advertise before the year finishes. "Basshead Radio" was one of them, this is the other one. A compilation of Bassotronics piano jams. I'll be honest I'm not the biggest fan of slow jams, I prefer my beats more uptempo, but THE COVER! I LOVE IT!! I can just imagine going to a concert with Bassotronics  sitting on stage behind his basspiano performing "Bass, I love you"! Wouldn't that be awesome??

I also really like this track! Very beautiful!

Here's a preview of all 12 tracks on this release. I don't think it's for sale online, you'll have to contact Bassotronics himself if you want to buy one. You can do that HERE via his facebook.

Dec 21, 2014

World Bass Federation - Get Ready To Rumble!

X-treme 12 voltage


Who will be battling in the WBF:




They will be battling during 15 tracks produced by the World Bass Federation, D-Love, D-Bass and last but not least DJ Billy E! Never heard of the first 3 and I wouldn't be surprised if they are just aliases (for Billy E maybe?).

I predict one of the fighters will go down in either round  3 during the DJ Billy E produced Mr-Mixx-type-a-beat track "Ground loop": 

In round 7 during the bass bomb "Axle Grind":

Or they will make it to the last round and the battle will be decided during "Take me up":

If you want to organize your own WBF battle hit "play all" and listen to the full album...

Art Direction/Graphics Layout: J.J. Marley
3D Robo-Wrastlers (sic):  Loki Skywalker

Dec 19, 2014

Bassotronics - Basshead Radio

Your number 1 radio station for bass music

There are 2 more new cd's I really want to advertise before the year finishes and this is one of them! The latest release from Bassotronics! What I really like about Bassotronics' releases is that he always comes up with a concept for the albums. He gave us Arabian flavors (with Bass Mekanik), hit us with bass-step, trapped the police, scared the shit out of us and much more! This time around we get to believe we're listening to "Basshead Radio", a radiostation where you get to call in and request bass tracks. A perfect opportunity for Bassotronics to showcase his production skills, take a listen (sorry, short previews only):

Funky (Track 3: I got the funk)

Tekno (Track 5: Speed drive)

Club (Track 11: Heaven is jammin')

And there's many more styles on this cd... even the sequel to that Bassotronics MEGA CLASSIC "Bass, I love you", called "Bass, I love you too!"

I think you get the picture: Bassotronics can handle any style.
My advice: head over to iTunes, Amazon or any other download site and GET IT IN YOUR RIDE! 

Also don't forget to check out now and then for the latest in bass...

Dec 13, 2014

Official U.S.A.C. Bass


"Here are 14 tried and true prime cuts of bass compiled by the Dominator and brought to you by the kind cooperation of U.S.A.C. and the leading record labels of the bass world." 

Yes this is another U.S.A.C. bass cd released by Pandisc. Matter of fact I should have said this in my previous post because this is actually the first Pandisc "U.S.A.C. Bass" cd, released before "SPL Shootout". "The leading record labels of the bass world" seem to be Pandisc, Hip Rock and Neurodisc:

 I'm sure all these tracks can be found on YouTube, otherwise...

Unlike the shootout cd, this one has no test section and the design is done by Christina Dilucia.

"Thanx to Ralph Randall (USAC), Bo at Pandisc, Derrick at Hip Rock, Tom, John, Jamie and Debbie at Neurodisc, and all the artists who helped make this possible. Also many thanks to the 12 volt industry and bass fans everywhere for keeping the boom alive."

Oh don't worry about it, it has been a pleasure...

USAC Bass - "SPL Shootout"

Good luck to all the SPL Outlaws!

An SPL shootout between 3 labels: Pandisc, IBP and Hip Rock, organized by the U.S.A.C.! The cd itself was released by Pandisc and compiled and mastered by The Bass Mekanik. Design and Layout by Gerard Delaney & Lauren Martinez of Brand-X-Design.

Here's the full tracklist:


Some samples:

You DECIDE who wins! But don't forget:

PD-8913 1997

Nov 29, 2014

Bassmaniac & D.J. Salva 808 - The Electro Bass Invasion

Limited CD edition!

Check out the latest "City Beat Records" release. 11 Old school sounding electro/electro-bass/electro-funk tracks from D.J. Salva 808 & Bassmaniac. I personally love this cd and it hasn't left my player for 2 weeks now. If you're the type of person who is into anything electro, this album is for you... 

Here's the official demo video for the album on YouTube:

Trust me, the video doesn't even give the right impression because I found the cd even better then I thought it would be. This DJ mix by Andyman does a better job:

I you want to buy a copy don't hesitate to get in touch with City Beat Records...

Oh yeah, as you might have heard, it's not just 11 tracks, there's also a special bonus track from the Flash Force Crew (E-Rocker & DJ Richie Rich) to make it 12! Worth the €'s, trust me...

Nov 10, 2014

The Bass Project - Trans-Euro Bass Vol. 01

Tracks for the connoisseur


That's the type of music you can hear on this cd. You know why? I'll tell you why; because it's produced by "One Rascal" Albert Cabrera! I'm not sure about "techno", "acid" & "trance", but you do get house, dance & breaks from the man; some even have a Todd Terry feel imo...

Can't say I've been following Albert Cabrera's career but I am a big fan of his work as part of The Latin Rascals! Remember "Lisa's coming"?? Beats mayhem!!

Really cool that he did a CD for Pandisc! Funny though that track 9 and 12 are both named "Get on down"... he probably couldn't get enough of the beat (and later on you will find out there is even a part 3).

And we should not forget about the artwork ofcourse. Recognize the speaker? Ofcourse  you do; it's the speaker Deryck Ragoonanan from ImagExpress always uses for his covers! So why shouldn't he use it for this one?

You know who also likes this CD a lot? Bassotronics! He likes this album so much, he took some of the tracks, remixed them and made it into a Vol. 02. Take a look and listen:

Let it go!

Cut the midrange

Set you free

Get movin

The pulse 2

Get on down 3

Oh yeah, I almost forgot! The Bass Project album was also released on gatefold 2 LP. Unfortunately without artwork but cool none the less because the only other Miami bass gatefold sleeve I know of is another Pandisc release: Clay D's "Out the can"... 

Nov 3, 2014

Bass MTX

MTX - Serious about sound

Yet another Pandisc compilation, this time manufactured for MTX, the car audio company. Nothing new here, Bass Mekanik, Bass Automator, Boomtube, Beat Dominator, Bass Cube and Bass Tech DXJ. Ofcourse the music is always good but what I like most about this cd is the artwork; the cd is presented in a Multi-Image(tm) CD Case from Gelardi Design. You know, the type that changes image depending on the angle you look at it. I tried to make some pictures to show you. The text is supposed to change from "BASS" to "MTX", and the "MTX" on top changes in size...

Really great how they used to put effort in packaging during the pre-MP3 days...

And don't forget: