Nov 10, 2014

The Bass Project - Trans-Euro Bass Vol. 01

Tracks for the connoisseur


That's the type of music you can hear on this cd. You know why? I'll tell you why; because it's produced by "One Rascal" Albert Cabrera! I'm not sure about "techno", "acid" & "trance", but you do get house, dance & breaks from the man; some even have a Todd Terry feel imo...

Can't say I've been following Albert Cabrera's career but I am a big fan of his work as part of The Latin Rascals! Remember "Lisa's coming"?? Beats mayhem!!

Really cool that he did a CD for Pandisc! Funny though that track 9 and 12 are both named "Get on down"... he probably couldn't get enough of the beat (and later on you will find out there is even a part 3).

And we should not forget about the artwork ofcourse. Recognize the speaker? Ofcourse  you do; it's the speaker Deryck Ragoonanan from ImagExpress always uses for his covers! So why shouldn't he use it for this one?

You know who also likes this CD a lot? Bassotronics! He likes this album so much, he took some of the tracks, remixed them and made it into a Vol. 02. Take a look and listen:

Let it go!

Cut the midrange

Set you free

Get movin

The pulse 2

Get on down 3

Oh yeah, I almost forgot! The Bass Project album was also released on gatefold 2 LP. Unfortunately without artwork but cool none the less because the only other Miami bass gatefold sleeve I know of is another Pandisc release: Clay D's "Out the can"... 

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