Nov 30, 2011

Bass Mekanik - Quad Maximus

Parental advisory ?

When I first heard of Pandisc edited or clean versions of bass cd's I was like "?", "the Bass Mekanik doesn't use bass profanity!". As you will be able to see it's not about the lyrics here but about the covers, they edited those. The first picture is from the Pandisc cd PDD-8148 and here you will see how it looks originally, on PDD-8848. 

I wonder why they removed the models, the pictures are not THAT shocking, are they?
The tracks remain the same, so that's no problem.

02. Welcome stranger

12. Tekno kanik

So next time you order a Pandisc cd, be carefull which one you choose, because you might miss out on the good stuff ;-)

Update 29/12/2011 : I was fortunate enough to ask Billy E himself about this on facebook and here is what he had to say
  • B-Bart: Billy E, do you know why they 'edited' those covers?
  • Billy E: I dont remember when but i think it was done so we could get into the racks at walmart k mart and best buy etc.
  • B-Bart: LOL! Thanks!
  • Billy E:Yeah those racks were a good place to be and it def helped sell a lot of cds.
Thanks for the insight on this Billy E!!

Nov 26, 2011

Basswerk - Art Of Bass

Produced by Patrick Baker

It's been some time since I posted a Newtown cd so here it is : Basswerk. This is how they describe their music

See if you agree

01. Blown to bits

09. Bangra

Nov 25, 2011

Bass Patrol - Kings Of Bass

Bump and knock!

No decent bass covers blog can be complete without this cd! A straight classic and one of the best ever made. Made by Luis Garcia for Luroga Design ofcourse!

03. Bump-N-Knock

07. King of bass


You can stil buy the cd from the man DJ Fury himself overHERE

BASS PATROL - 30's N Lows

This is a fun maxi cassette for '30's n lows' and 'All ho's'

Nov 19, 2011

Creep Dog - 4 Life

The legend continues

NO, this is not No Limit Records, it's a Creep Dog cd released on Joey Boy Records. As far as I know I think it's his 3rd and last release, produced by the Committee. Cool cd.

05. What ya feel?

13. Break 'em off

Let's not forget about that Creep Dog 98 99!

With artwork from none other than Luis Garcia for Luroga Design!

Nov 17, 2011

Bassotronics - Bass Is A Serious Business

Hit me with bass!!

If you are into bass music I'm quite sure you must have heard about Bassotronics. If you haven't, here you go. Bassotronics has released many cd's but this one might be my favourite. 18 Pure bass tracks on this one. Take a listen, this song is the ish:

04. Bass operator

To find out more about "Senhordebaixo" you might go HERE (Soundclick), HERE (Myspace) or HERE ( You can also just open Google and type 'Bassotronics'.

Nov 14, 2011

The Best Of BASS PATROL! 1995

This 'Best of' compilation was released in 1995 after the first 5 Bass Patrol! releases.  
21 Tracks on this one from various labels.
They should have used this picture as front cover though, hahaha!

03. Half Pint - Battle of the booty shakers

14. Bass Master Ace - Swing!

The best of Bass Patrol! 1995 is a double cd that includes a very cool 3 inch cd.

If you want to hear some more check THIS out

Nov 10, 2011

Vicious Bass - La Compil Musclée!!


You can call this the French release of BASS INC. - VICIOUS BASS. It's a double cd so it has all 19 tracks from the original plus 6 more by other Pandisc artists like Clay D, DJ Laz and MC Nas-D. Good stuff on this one.

This is a cool song from cd 2, DJ Laz with 'Moments in bass'

This is the StreetBeat Records release

03. Old tyme bass

09. Bass machine

Nov 6, 2011

A.C. Aufunkster - Florida Funk

Bass bass bass & mo bass!

I just finished enjoying this cd by A.C. AuFUNKSTER so I thought "why not put it on my blog??". Well, here it is. There's some really good bass on this one. Take a listen ...

01. Florida funk bass melee

05. A.C. breathing bass

If you want some more go HERE