Nov 19, 2011

Creep Dog - 4 Life

The legend continues

NO, this is not No Limit Records, it's a Creep Dog cd released on Joey Boy Records. As far as I know I think it's his 3rd and last release, produced by the Committee. Cool cd.

05. What ya feel?

13. Break 'em off

Let's not forget about that Creep Dog 98 99!

With artwork from none other than Luis Garcia for Luroga Design!


  1. Before pen and pixel the original was luroga graphic to creat this concept of art work here in miami 10 years befor master p or any other raper came to copy my style, 305 all the way..

    1. Wow what an honour to have your here! Thanks for your comment! Yes, Luroga design is responsible for some of the most classic and incredible (bass) artwork in history!