Nov 25, 2011

Bass Patrol - Kings Of Bass

Bump and knock!

No decent bass covers blog can be complete without this cd! A straight classic and one of the best ever made. Made by Luis Garcia for Luroga Design ofcourse!

03. Bump-N-Knock

07. King of bass


You can stil buy the cd from the man DJ Fury himself overHERE

BASS PATROL - 30's N Lows

This is a fun maxi cassette for '30's n lows' and 'All ho's'


  1. Always give credit also to the orinal creator of the cd cove luis garcia luroga and the first ever to creat the warning the bass on this recording may blow your speakers ..

    1. An honour to have you here! Yes that was forgetfulness on my side, I apologize! Here is some of your other work I posted: You made some of the most memorable album covers in bass history! Never realised you were the first to create the bass warning! So interesting. Please feel free to share more facts and memories.

  2. Also i work in over 3000 of all the bass cover produced in the 90s from 2 live crew, dj magic mike , bass patrol, uncle al, the dogs you name it i was the creative designer on all this covers...

    1. Thanks for your comment. It's an honour to have your here! You are really responsible for some of the most iconic album covers in Miami bass' history! Imagine seeing all the artwork you made side by side. Over 3000? WOW! Sorry for forgetting to add your name in the post, I'll fix it immediately. Here is some of your other work I posted: