Jan 31, 2015

Quad Squad - Bottom Out

Techno Bass... Miami's next phase

This was probably meant as an ode to Techno Bass and not a claim of invention, because I'm very sure Dynamix II did that years before... Still this is a GREAT cd in my opinion! A lot of very raw bass tracks that do very well in the trunk...

Mega mix type DJ tracks

Let's not forget the actual Techno Bass (this one sounds rather "DM-ish")...

Woofer tests...

And some booty tracks (which are not my favorite here, but this song keeps reminding me of Gemini's "Skeezer")


All tracks produced by Quad Squad, some in cooperation with Bass Trancemission. Cutz & scratches by Statik. Featuring lyrics by Statik. But what it all comes down to is that all of these groups and people are just Adam Feinsilver, who, from looking at his site, doesn't seem to be into bass anymore...

Jan 28, 2015

K-Chill & Tetraz - This Is What You Want

Signed to "Radioactive"


Could that be you? This is a real necessitiy when you're planning to have a bass party though. ALL hype tracks, take a listen:


There was another cd supposed to come real soon on this label (Major Turnout), but I doubt if it ever saw the light of day... or did it??

Jan 22, 2015

Bass Check 4

14 Hottest bass groups

The good people at Joey Boy Records are kind enough to explain to us what bass music really is. Thanks for that:

"The definition of bass music([bäs] [myoo'zik]) Bass Check IV: The art of combining the lowest and deepest sounds to create a form of expressive compositions. Any combining rhythmic chants in a sequence that will bring large crowds and big booty ho's to an uncontrollable party mood. Bass Check IV has accomplished this by creating a compilation of the 14 hottest Bass groups of the century and 16 mega bass hits. Bass Check IV is a must for all the party people."

"Hottest bass groups of the century"; I'm not saying they are not hot bass groups, but since this is a Joey Boy Records release they only used their own groups. If this would have been a compilation with "D" hottest bass groups of the century a lot of names would have had to be added...

Still hot enough to make this a good cd. The artwork by Luis Garcia of  Luroga Design Miami also adds to the value ofcourse! I see Bass Patrol, The Dogs, The Puppies, Bass Man (who is on the cover but not on the cd), Creep Dog, Uncle Al and Sexy C... but there is one thing I have been wondering;
who is this guy?? Could it be Iceman J?

Jan 17, 2015

Rockford Fosgate Volume One

When too much is just right

This is a release from Holland. I expected it to be a bass cd (was hoping it would be one) but I ended up being disappointed. I mean it IS a car cd

so I'm sure there is enough bass in the tracks, but it's not the type of bass I like listening to. I would call it a house cd.

Like track 1 "Another day", it starts off great as if it was an early rave track but then when the beat comes in at around 1:55 it's over for me. Maybe not for you, but "I ain't into that", take a listen:

Another example (I tell you, I'm sure enough people will like these jams but I'm just not a fan of those repetitive 4/4 beats)

NO thank you!

When too much is just right

but for me it WAS too much. If it was just right for you feel free to check out the whole cd on YouTube. I just hope Volume 2 is better...

Oh yeah, the graphic design was done by Maurice Steenbergen for Midtown Design & Recording...

Jan 12, 2015

Bass Creations - Volume 5



Latamo bass, Dan's bass, neighbor bass, techno bass, rasta house bass, CCCP bass, midnight rave bass, illegal bass, deep groove bass, Dan's 2nd bass, planet rave bass and bass for kids. A lot of bass, but no bass to blow your mind, that's for sure. Track 1 is not that bad being some kind of rendition of "Miami's rockin' baby", but other than that, I'm not sure man... Take a listen yourself. Here's the full album on YouTube:

As usual all music was performed by X-ES + The Bass Posse and the cover design & graphics done by Todd D. Smith